AdMob interstitial at app launch

Hey guys. Is it allowed to show an AdMob interstitial at the app launch? I’m currently showing in a few of my apps interstitial on app launch from AppNext, MobileCore and Startapp and I’m getting a pretty high CTR (5-15%) . I have AdMob banners and interstitial inside the app, but I’m thinking to show an AdMob interstitial at app launch, but not sure how “legal” is this.

Can anyone please share their experience if you’re doing it or at least what’s your opinion. I’m just afraid that the high CTR might raise a flag and ban my account.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I’ve been using Admob interstitials upon launch for many months without an issue. CTR is better at launch since the user isn’t yet engrossed in the content of your app, so they are more open to ads etc.
There’s nothing shady about doing it like this. The only possible negative consequence is that your might annoy some users by showing an ad before content.

Wow, that’s great news for me :smiley: Can you please share the approximate CTR and eCPM you’ve been receiving?

About annoying the users it’s not a problem, anyways only 20-30% of the users are keeping the app, even though my app is in the top 3(maybe the best) in that niche))

So the AdMob interstitial might be the best option in trying to monetize most of the traffic.

p.s. are the AdMob interstitials paying for clicks or for actions(downloading app/game) ? Because I don’t think nowadays someone pays just for impressions))

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

CTR average of about 2.5% giving an eCPM of around $2 on average. It will always come down to your traffic locations, but my launch ints do about 3x-4x what my Exit ints typically do.

Admob mostly pays for clicks, although they do still run a small amount of impression campaigns it seems.
That’s why you generally don’t see that many apps/games being promoted through Admob.

It’s very strange that CTR is that high during the app launch. I was always thinking that if someone has launched your app/game, they want to actually USE it but not to get to other app/game. Very strange… I’m surprised…

Exactly, that’s what I though myself when I saw some people are showing interstitial on app launch. And I tried it just to see if I will earn at least something, but the results were much better than I expected. In fact, 60%+ of my revenue now comes from the app launch interstitial.

You never really know how the users are thinking))

Just thinking, this happens perhaps because of the delay in loading the ad?

Like, user launches the app… sees the “Play” button, and as they are about to click that button, the ad pops up, giving an accidental click?

or user could be confused, thinking the ad is how the app functions, and clicks it.

but then again,we are all devs here, never know what users think… :smiley:

Well most of my apps have a decent amount of resources to load which takes a few seconds, giving the interstitial enough time to load. The Ad almost always presents itself before any UI becomes visible.

Of course, if you have an app that launches almost instantly, you’re likely to end up with the ad being presented in the way you described.

Perhaps that’s why your ctr for interstitial is low(er)… OP gets between 5-15% on other networks… :smiley:

Well I don’t think the users are miss-clicking, they either like the adverstised game/app or they really think that’s my app containing the button Install :smiley:

And the 5-15% CTR is for the app launch interstitial, but if showing the same interstitial 3 or 4 times inside the app(which usually produce a much lower CTR) then the overall CTR should be lower than 5% :slight_smile:

Can i use Admob interstitials upon launch and Admob banner while app running?

Thank you so much!

sure, why not? You can use admob interstitial at launch, banner while running, interstitial at exit. Why not? )

admob don’t accept show interstitial at exit. they will ban app show interstitial ad at exit :frowning:

who says so? I mean exit with “back button”, not “home button”.
apps like are showing admob interstitial at exit with back button and nothing happens.
You can override back button as you want, even you can disable it, as it was in “flappy bird”.

Hello, is there any one ask admob’s customer support about this legal problem?

Think about the flow of user engagement within your app. Place your ads where users might be expected to be less engaged with the content of the app, such as transitions in written content, during level changes of a game, or when a user might be expected to exit the app.

Source: Google AdMob Help

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as far as I know you can use exit ad but it has to appear in activity. You can’t close the application and then show user an ad.