[ADMOB] Interstitial Ads CTR too high

Hello guys,
As the title, I have a question. Hope receive of all your help.

I have an Android game, published on Feb 2015 (3 months ago).
Now, it has more than 200.000 downloads and about 40.000 installs now.
Downloads per day is about 6000 downloads/day.

I only insert interstitial ads one time when launching game and another time on the first game-over inside game.
The Ad Impress CTR is about 10-12% and Ad Request CTR is about 5-6%.
Last month, Admob subtract 101 US dollar for mistake click (about 5% of payment amount)

How about my Admob account’s status? Maybe it will be banned?
Please let me know?
Thanks for all.

Congrats on your game, 6k dls per day is awesome! I would try to do something about your ctr though. 10% is a little high, not sure if Admob will ban for it, but it’s risky. I would probably take out the launch ad. These get a lot of misclicks and Admob themselves are recommending not to do a launch or exit ad now. There is another thread on the forum about it. Maybe try delaying your launch ad to after the first click in the menu?

It was dangerous for having such CTR.

Does new download amount effect to CTR rate?