Admob Interstitial ad rules followed, But CTR is still high. Admob is suspending ads

I have updated all my apps as per latest Admob policies.

  1. Interstitial ads between activities (Also includes when coming back from one activity to another)
  2. Interstitial ads on app lanuch (User clicks on app–>Load screen appears for 4-5 seconds–>Interstitial ad appears–>Main app content loads)

Apart from this there are no Interstitial ads. Not even Exit ads.

Still i got the ACCIDENTAL CLICKS mail from Admob saying that appeal again with updated version with correct implementation.

The only thing is that CTR is still High despite of the latest changes in ads appearence.

Want to know that Admob can still suspend the ads if CTR is high despite of all their ad rules are followed?
My CTR for the effected app is 3.2%

Anyway i have updated the app version and made the appeal and explained all.

On App launch I have about 5% CTR with AdMob

  1. How your Ads are implemented in App launch scenerio?
    In my case it is User Launch App–>Load screen appears–>Interstitial ad loads–>Main content of the app is shown

I too have 6% CTR for admob Interstitials in few apps. The only difference between those apps and this is the revenue.
Looks like Admob has below logic to suspend the apps.

If((Revenue_is_high == True) && (CTR >= 3%) && (Ads_Policy_Follow_Matters == Does_Not_Matter))
System.out.println(“Suspend ads and Fck Developers");
else if(Revenue_is_low == True)
System.out.println("Why the F
ck admod should cares about the policies”);
System.out.println(“Go to h*ll”);

I am showing loading screen on app launch. When Ads are loaded the splash screen is closed and the Interstitial shows up. On dismissing the interstitial, the main content shows up.
This App have just 4-5$ revenue per day.

Remove admob and try to use alternative s…I removed admob exit ,enter interstitials from my app even for a single page app…Using banners and exit ads from hayzap mediation…Banners admob 0.50$ eCpm exit hayzap interstitial with 5$ average solid …

This is for static only or both static and video interstitials?

Both static and videos my friend…

Thanks for sharing, those are very nice results. I implemented video and static interstitials with heyzap mediation before on my main apps, but the ecpm was bad and users complained too much about video ads. Now with static only the ecpm is better, I guess video interstitials doesn’t suit those apps well.

I’m not saying this is your case, but if you show too much interstitials per session (like interstitial every 2 or 3 actions) admob may suspend ad serving for your app. Because it may lead to accidental clicks and poor user experience.
My admob CTR for interstitials is around 2% but I don’t show it on app launch.

How you implement (1)? You override onBackPressed() or other ways?

Yes. By overriding onBackPressed() only.

onBackPressed you first show the interstitial and only when it’s dismissed you go to the next/previous activity, right?


I do like below.
>>From activity 1 to Activity 2(Forward):-
Show ad first(which is cached in activity 1 previously). Go to activity 2 as user dismiss the ad.

>>Fron activity 2 to activity 1(Backward):-
When user hits back button on activity 2 and about to go to activity 1.
Override onBackPressed() in activity 2 and show the previously cached ad in activity 2. On dismiss go back to activity 1.

This is in compliance with admob latest policies

There is your problem, this exact implementation is described as disallowed on admob’s implementation guidance:

You must choose whether you’re gonna show it from 1st to 2nd or from 2nd to 1st activity.
Maybe you can use an if statement to show from 2nd to 1st if let’s say 60 seconds have passed, maybe you can get away with it.

admob disallowed.jpg

I think you misunderstood my post.

I was just explaining how to show ads betweek 2 activities. Either it is in forward direction of backward dorection.

For example i have 4 activities in my app.
1 2,3,4

In that case i can show ads between 1 and 2. Do not show between 2 to 1.
I can show ads between 4 to 1.

Hope it helped.

I see man, but still, overriding the back button is a bad idea if you are using admob.

Overriding the back button got no problem for me. I think the biggest problem is still accidental clicks. There must be some reasons that the app generates accidental clicks even after following all the admob policies. Maybe bug in some devices? Maybe competitors clicking? I not sure, but rule of thumb is avoid accidental clicks if you want to use admob.

Yes. Well said. Whole thing what matters is to avoid accidental clicks. Its even OK with admob if their policies are not followed. But accidental clicks should not happen in either cases.
But the only parameter which makes them to check the accidental clicks is high CTR (> 3%)

So better limit the high CTR by using another ad networks to show Interstitials with combination of admob.

Thats better way to avoid this.

I would like to ask one more thing. I have got 2 warning mails for 2 different apps regarding accidental clicks. Though i have corrected them and ads resumed shortly after making the appeal.
Is there any violation likit set by admob which suspends the account itself??

Despite of following all ad policies of admib, CTR of one of my apps is high. Its more than 3%. Sometimes crossing even 4%. For last 2 days, its more than 4%.
Admob has been suspended ads for this app already and ads were resumed after i made the necessary changes in app launch ads.
But again CTR is increased in that app.

Any idea what admob might do for that?

I am using exit ads for one of my app…When back pressed I am showing pre cached admob ad on adclosed event I am finishing the app…I never get any warning or other from admob and the CTR is 1% average over the year…Its making 50$ a day…Your CTR looking to high. May I know how many impressions do you get daily from that app so we can understand the ctr…More impressions the ctr will be less…Example if I have an app which makes 2 impressions a day and user clicked on one so the ctr is 50%…You should consider this situation also…Don’t afraid and talk to someone in admob with your particular issue…

Following are admob stats for that ad unit for yesterday:-

Admob Network Requests: 19185
Matched Requests: 17390
Match Rate: 90.60%
Impressions: 6579
Clicks: 271
Impression CTR: 4.12%
Impression RPM: $10.75
Estimated Earnings: $70.76

Any link or mail id where i can ask my question from admob? Usually they reply only if issue id is mentioned.