Admob interstitial 8% ctr normal?


in my new game I show an admob interstitial always immediately after pressing the restart button. a game session has a minimum duration about 30 seconds to max duration over 15 minutes.
is 8% ctr to high for admob interstitial? should i show the interstitial only every second restart button press to minimize the ctr? (i removed already the interstitial after the game starts with no influence on ctr)

Such (8%) high CTR is not an issue. Some of devs have +10% CTR - it is normal. I usually had about 7%. Right now this is about 3,5% last few days.

your ctr might be normal but placement is not, your players most likely mistake the ad for part of the game, I would advise launching the ad right before game over screen

I have the ad now right before game over screen (every second game over) and the ctr raised to 10-11%.

maybe is the transition from gameplay screen to game over screen too fast? do you think thats a problem? or should I implement a delay, for example: gameplay -> 1-2 sec. black screen -> interstitial -> game over screen

i have already a game with such a high ctr for over six months now but I am afraid they ban me if they inspect my account. but also for this game i have the ads implemented as recommended: It is recommended that interstitial ads appear before the break page rather than after the break page.