admob impression vs startapp impression

I have 4 apps. All are using StartApp network. I put mediation service to only one of my apps. Then redirect some traffic to Admob.but i see huge difference between Admoband StartApp impression count. Admob is 94k StartApp is 70k daily. How possible is that. How they count impressions?

I had same problem. And i opened a ticket. Then they said: important thing is you can get money from not depend on impression

I have the same ! impressions going down and revenue drop a lot in this year … I hope it will be only happens in january … if not ill change ad network

R5UJ3yF.jpg :mad::mad: fu… startapp

The same think happen to me too.

Same here, $0.2 per click!

What is the major GEO of your users? Are your users from Asian countries?