Admob Impression/Reporting Problem

If you are using admob directly, Do you experience this recently or right now?

I guess this may be related to this:!topic/google-admob-ads-sdk/Bffs5uoVZoU . I experience the same :confused: Once again admob f* something :stuck_out_tongue:

I use admob via appodeal … my revenue decreased a lot ! Normally i am getting about 350 dollar per day via admob … yesterday only 50 dollar !

My friend is using admob directly and he didn’t notice any problem at all…

I have started using Admob standalone in few of my best apps for last 2 months.

Admob revenue is decreasing for sure in comparison of previous days and it has dropped more than 35%. But it happened for last many days gradually. Nothing happened suddenly from last 1 or 2 days as you are saying. Hope it helps.

I’m severely affected with this admob issue . You won’t believe it my revenue yesterday from admob is only $20. WTF! But it seems things getting normal if I use admob directly…

I used appodeal now as backfill

You can use admob directly with FAN/appodeal etc as backfill.

Ofcourse admob revenue is much lower than its previous days. But still its the best as compare to other networks these days.

Even FAN as prime network is failing in comparison of admob these days.

So reversing the waterfall may help in achieving some growth in revenue.

Yes we are having a serious issue with admob, more then 1400 page view till now and only 15 impressions , 0 revenue, also they did not count many clicks yesterday …Its a problem since september 2, how will admob pay for this revenue loss…

This problem seems quite wide spread as per this thread -!category-topic/google-admob-ads-sdk/android/JiFPZDa-PTE dates back to 28 august …


I thought I was alone facing this. Hoping this will get rectified soon

They sent me an email some days ago about a change in the way they are calculating the impressions, so maybe they have issues with it.
anyway I am using adsense to see the revenue its more accurate.

My new game serves around 1 million ad requests a day now, and i got 85% fill rate! 0.25% CTR, my previous game got around 1% of CTR… I do not know what to think about it …

Maybe change ad position?..

Its exactly same game type, just improved, exactly same type of ad placement (top right corner) and almost same type of players (geo) that`s why this kind of difference made me worried.

That’s exactly why I say to change the position… It’s called banner blindness
Maybe you’re suffering from this…

That`s an interesting theory, thanks for suggesting.

Hope you solve your problem.

Is this admob thing still exist? I see it going back to normal at least in SE Asia…

I am not alone that mean. I also had same issue.

@romel_empwrado - Yes the issue is still there, today for 1800 page views we got 30 impressions, such bad service from admob really …


Why do you always talk about “page views”? do you only use AdSense dashboard? why not use AdMob dashboard?