Admob important points from your experience

Hey guys
Lately I see alot of Issues around admob policy, could you post main things that we should not do while using admob services?

Don’t use Live API Key while debugging your App. :slight_smile: . Use the Test Key.

From my experience:

  • Don’t place banners near buttons.
  • Don’t display interstitials at launch app and exit app.
  • Avoid accidentals clicks
  • When developing your app, don’t use live ads
  • Sometimes, even if you block some type of content, you can get some ads that are adult oriented… so time to times, don’t forget to check the ads you app is displaying and block the ones you don’t want.
  • Read carefully Admob policies here
  • If you have an account manager, don’t believe everything he’s telling you

+1 for being careful about accidental clicks. It sucks to see all that earned revenue in your dashboard and never get it because some users with extra large fingers clicked too much