Admob huge revenue drop, can someone help?

I sent Admob an email, please read careful and see if you can help.


Since 22 June I have been suffering from a sudden massive drop in Impressions, number of Clicks, and of course the Earnings, today (local time) is 24th and it’s still decreasing, all of them are dropping about 60%, I was earning between 170$ and 200$ daily, but then it became 100$ and yesterday only 69$, which doesn’t make any sense, I am afraid it’s decreasing more and more, at first I thought it was a glitch, but then I became really worried that I am going to lose most of my earnings.

Can you please help me resolve this issue? What can the problem be that is causing this?

Please note that more than 90% of my users of my most profitable app are from USA, my game is is still ranked 4th on play store, installs and uninstalls both are slightly the same, my app rate is increasing, and accidental clicks is not the problem here because deduction in last month were only 5.87$ of my total earnings that were 2.081$, so what is really causing this? please I need your support.


You should have an Admob Account Manager if you are earning that much per day. Have they ever reached out to you?
My revenue is fine with Admob, but maybe some others are having an issue like yours.

Same here, from feb last my admob revenue is 10% now what it was 4 months back, even with more users from top tier countries now but revenue is shit.
Please update in your post when you get reply from google.

Until few months ago, before I had a sudden drop in Match Rate from 50% to 25%, I was earning 200-300$ a day for many months/years. Never had an Account Manager nor I was ever approached to have on :frowning:

This has nothing to do with AdMob, wtf? Are you checking your installs on the console? the problem is the traffic, there was a massive drop in app installs since last thursday, my installs dropped -90%. Seems there is a glitch on Google Play, many developers are reporting the same

If there is not a glitch, we are really ****ed up

Nope they never tried to reach out to me, I just send an email right now from contact support page, I hope they can help me, because this is my future I am talking about here, I was depending on ads earnings to make a living from it, but now I think it’s all gone :frowning:

I’ve made quite a bit more than that amount daily at times and never had any Admob Account Manager or anyway to contact Admob in general.

OP check if you are getting impressions from European countries. It could be GDPR related. I had something similar happen to me and found out I was getting no impressions from many countries because I was using Enhance and it required an opt in or opt out event before it would show any ads.