ADMOB Huge increase of Revenue?

Hey guys, I had a lot to do in the last few weeks, I havent’ been online for a month >.< anything important I should know?

To the thread: in the last 2 days my revenue went up by 30%. Do you experience the same? Could it have something to do with more advertisers now using admob due the ending of push ads?

Yes, I see the same. Hard to tell the reason. Most likely it’s seasonal raise in eCPM.

Please check geo-stats, the reason might be ‘unknown location’ issue. I am starting to see these clicks again, after data was ok 10 days or so.

im using the new admob, this issue does not exists for me. my revenue has alos gone up in the past fee weeks, but i attributed that to me updating my apps after an entire year and finally having smart banners.

It’s definitely gone risen for me lately, but I am putting it down to the season and the fact that banners and interstitials are now the main units again.

are you getting more $ per click? or is ur CTR just going up?

Just better paid clicks.

On the 30th and 31st of august I noticed an increase, but that was all. Before 30th and after 31st my revenue is pretty normal (or even lower than a couple weeks ago).

Ok, the days I feel rich are over. 30% This day.

It was not unknown location, in the “new admob” it’s now like fixed for me, even if it wasnt a THAT huge problem

for me its CTR that seems to be the dominant factor, it fluctuates from 1.1% to 0.6% which is almost 2x as much.

i have no idea why CTR would do this,only thing i could think of was the type of ads being served by admob (100% out of my control).

CTR raises when there are more interesting ads probably.

For me, the revenue is drop significantly for these few days