Admob How to disable Personalized Ads for EU users

Hi folks,
Is it possible we simple disable Personalized ads for EU users or if this option is not there I strongly believe this option should be available in Admob console and they can easily handle it at there backend.

What do you guys think. This will save all the hectic work of updating apps. As many Devs will have more than 50 apps and It’s not feasible to waste your time for some stupid policy change.

Okay, So in AdSense console there is an option to disable personal ads for EEA. Simply login to AdSense account -> Allow & block Ads -> Admob then on the right select EU user consent tab and select your preferred option.

But the bad news is you still need to obtain consent which is bullshit. Here’s what Google says “Google will show only non-personalized ads to users in the EEA. You are required to obtain your users’ consent to the use of cookies for this purpose, where applicable. For more information about this policy, see the Google EU User Consent Policy.”

Does that mean Google will still collect data from EU users and might sell some where else but only doesn’t show them personalized ads?