Admob house ad, low impression number, is this right?


I’m cross promoting an application A in another application B. Now application A yesterday got 327 impressions, while application B got 6075. Shouldn’t these figures be equal?

I have no frequency capping in application A, from what I understand this means there is no limit of house ads that appears to the same person a day. The impression goal was set to 10000 in 2 days. Application B is showing a banner and interstitial ads. For application A , I’m using image ads and setup an image 640x100 banner + smartphone interstitial image + tablet interstital image. The campain started before yesterday and tried a lot more days, so this is an example of one day.

Application A:

-impressions 327
-impression goal 10000 in 2 days
-no frequency capping

Application B:

-6075 impressions

I was wondering if there is something going wrong?