Admob Geo Stats: Unknown location

Is there anyone known what means by “Unknown” in admob Geo Stats?
Yesterday I found that the CTR from the unknown location is sharply increased to more than 10%(Normally around 1%), is it abnormal? Any action I need to take?

no, some timepass users do click on ads sitting idle :wink: enjoy

I experienced the very same thing yesterday. Huge increase in clicks (CTR) from Unknown location.
No idea why or how, usually have very few requests and clicks from Unknown.

I’m watching same strange Unknown location clicks since 28th of June. Anybody had previous experience with that ?
I’m wondering if this might be some fraud clicks from app rivals to get my admob account banned.
Or if this has to do with the change in Admob reports which occured on the very same day of 28th of June - they addes CPM column (cost per impression).

It already happens for the past 3 days… the CTR is more than 10%… It is so weird and abnormal…

In the last 3 days I have the same problem with Unknown Country… 142 Impression with 120 click… I don’t know what I can do… Over 80% CTR…

It become worst in yesterday. It seems like our account is attacked by someone, maybe admob’s competitor.
Anyone experienced with this before? Should we report to admob?

I think this affect by new Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA). You can see more here:

How come Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act will caused high unknown location CTR?

It was also my thought that it could be related to COPPA. That Admob started to mask/remove any personal identifiable info, including location, when ad request is being made from an app used by a child. Just my thought…

I never enabled the COPPA in my apps. Still, high Unknown CTR. My CTR increased 200% due to Unknown location clicks on june 28., this cant be explained by kids using my apps.

I have been experiencing the same issue.

A huge amount of clicks from an unknown location, is there any explanation for that?

After several days with CTR from unknown location > 10%. Yesterday clicks from unknown location drop to 0… Really no idea on what happens.

The clicks from unknown location still so high in these few days? Is that any abnormal clicks activity happens recently?
Yesterday I received >60% CTR from unknown location. Quite worry now…

Do i have to take action on this problem? My CTR from unknown location > 80%.
I am very worried.

Since when your CTR >80%? How many times the clicks abnormal?

147 impression with 129 clicks, about 2.5 times from normal.
Is there anyone with this high CTR for several days and didn’t have any problem about your account?

Wow, same thing for me… I think it’s somebody from the Dominican Republic doing this. I live in the DR and whenever I’m testing a new app, my test ads are shown as unknown in the site geo stats reports. I don’t believe in these kind of coincidences. Anyway, let’s try to see what our apps have in common, maybe we can find a match.

Is it possible to block requests from unknown location?

I think not possible to block requests, unless you known the clicks is come from which country and then you can block the ads from your code…
Seem that so many people facing the same issue. Please post here if someone found a solution or reason or facing anymore abnormal things on your account.