admob fill rates ?

Hello guys ! , i wanted to know what’s your fill rates with admob guys ? mine is 80% is this too low ? i saw some of my friends with fill rate 100% , everything is enabled in the setting except the adult dating sites, maybe that’s the problem ? im also not using meditation because im not sure what that is, but google adsense is enabled.

80% is not normal with admob, mine is 99%

Mine drop from 99% to 96% for one app that has filtered settings enabled. Other stay at 99% while some apps only have 25% fill rate. It depends on your apps genre and filtered ads inventory.

i’m using smart banners, and no filters except “Age Appropriate Ads” because my apps are for kids, what do you think could be the problem ? my refresh rate is 40 seconds.

Try to change the refresh rate to 80-100 seconds.