admob extremely varying RPM/eCPM?

Hey guys!

I have a little problem with admob. At some days, the eCPM is terribly low ($0.20) and sometimes (not often) I get up to $2.50.
I have 20’000 requests per day and a fillrate of 50%.

Anyone else having the same kind of problem?

On some of my apps that I don’t get many impressions, few hundred per day, it varies like this a lot. On my apps that get more impressions, it varies less. Lately it’s been pretty consistent for my apps that get more than a few hundred impressions. Your fillrate is only 50%? Do you have adsense enabled, or are you using mediation? If your not using mediation, I highly suggest enabling adsense, you should get a 99% fill rate then.

0.20 is not terribly low. :slight_smile: I have 0.11 in admob these days.

I had around .30 in feb. and march. But mine is back to averaging about .90 now.

I wonder what is wrong with mine - I have low CTR 0.34, I’ll have to work on placement. And maybe too much traffic from strange countries.

@XdebugX is right, adsense make a massive difference. I get a 99% fill rate across all of my apps (with my bigger ones using mediation).
At the start of the year my eCPM was around $0.20 and now it’s at about $0.55. My traffic comes from all over the place though, which brings it down a bit.

The low fillrate is because I have set a floor cpm, because from poor/developing countries like Ghana I got 1c for 20 clicks. So I decided to spare them from advertisments completely as they already got enough problems, so they can use my app without ads.

For me, it makes no financial difference, and they can enjoy my app more than others ^^

Really 0.11c? At what CTR? Could you tell me?
During my research I once figured out, that the CPM doesn’t say anything if you don’t have other values like CTR and fillrate and CPC.

Thanks for your answers,

CTR 0.34%. Refresh rate 60s. Resulting eCPM: $0.11. Well, $0.12 for the last few days. I had much more (even 0.5$) last year, after January the eCPM hugely dropped and stayed low though. I have a lot of impressions per day though.

Same here. It fluctuates by 200% during the year with a peak at xmas.
But it constantly declines from one year to another.

“finally”, I reached the $0.10 … So annoying :confused: The drop I got is since 1st of May, where adsense changed a few things.
It can be a random reason, but I think it has sth to do with it, since I use adsense ads for better fillrate

Anyone else had a drop since 10 days?

Yesterday is not counted I think. Otherwise I have $0.70. If it stays like that I’m making a huge evacuation to mopub. :slight_smile:
I’ve also noticed that impressions are now in two separate reports: “CPC impressions” and “CPM impressions” - so they started paying for views? Or is it to discern mediation somehow?

I’ve also got an anomalee from from yesterday. Looks like it’s the same today.
Averaging eCPM $0.45 past few weeks, then yesterday is at $0.28 and today is at $0.10.
Then again Admob do have reporting issues from time to time, which they sometimes issue notifications about. Hopefully that’s all it is.

Same as you, just for yesterday. Usually adsense clicks take 5 hours to be counted, but yesterday they weren’t. I hope they fix it.

Of course I meant $0.07 not $0.7. :slight_smile: I normally (if you can say it’s normal) have $0.10.

Often they informed the user about that but I think we won’t see our money again …

I’ve just had the eCPM raised to $0.11 for yesterday, so they corrected the difference.

Just wanted to write that lol

And yes, now you get a few cents just for displaying an ad.

fixed for me too

My eCPM is back to .46 (?)
Where is your app popular? Most of my users are russians and the CPC of russia is so low but my eCPM overall is pretty high according to your values

eCPM back to normal and earning are adjusted :slight_smile: