AdMob Estimated earnings USD0.00 Today till now

Hello friends,
Does anyone see this issue in his AdMob account today?

Not zero, but unbelievably low impressions and thus revenue. Something seems rather delayed.

Yes impressions are unbelievably low.
Thank you.

No problem for me.

@shuiwo @Anteos impressions are normal but earnings was 0.01$ for yesterday
I don’t know if there was a problem or just it’s non lucky day

Same for me. My earning is dropped 70% compare to the day before.

It eventually reached an amount which was low but not too low. Maybe an unlucky day yesterday.

Lowest of this year

Unlucky day

Looks like there is an algorithm change on play store and you might have noticed drop in downloads (not just admob revenue)

Yes that’s true, I noticed that there are more than 50% drop in downloads and I received these warnings in developers console
New installs in Mexico and Colombia decreased by 71% compared to last week.
New installs in Spanish (United States) decreased by 55% compared to last week.
We will see next days how will it goes.

Some will notice drop, but some will notice increase if there is algorithm change.

50% drop in downloads here too… hope it doesn’t stay this way…

There was a delay in their reports, and yes even i faced same issue earnings were 50% lower than previous day. Idk wtf is Google upto, financial year coming to an end and their rpm is just going down.

I invested like 500$-1000$ in adwords and the bids were so high, and here nthg in return they give to developers at admob . They are eating up max money leaving very little for developers that’s what I understand. Coz their ads bids are just getting higher than ever.