Admob email and payment

Have received the email just now. 5% less actual revenue (may be false clicks which has been refunded back to advertisers)

P.S. Using old admob

I received admob the email too, 7% less :frowning:

I can see on my admob site that payment has complete but i have recvd no such mail and no payment update on paypal, if somebdy can help on this??

You need wait about 15 days

Guys, you have already received AdMob earnings for October? I check my AdMob earnings via AdSense account because I also get some money via adsense as well.

Will I receive my AdSense payment plus AdMob earnings in one total amount or there will be separate payments?

I know that AdSense pays on 20-25 of each month.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Are you new?
Follow the link:
“If you earned $10 in January and $50 in February, a payment will be sent to you for $60 in mid-April” :slight_smile:

They are receiving September earnings using the Old AdMob (non-AdSense).

October earnings should come on November 20th or so for the New AdMob users, and early December for the Old AdMob users.