Admob ECPM drop by 93%

My static for Admob Yesterday drop by 93%. I don’t know if Thanksgiving affect this.

me too, my revenue drop about 80% yesterday :mad:

same here. Should recover today. Usually past 2-3 days stats do recover to normal earnings

Same here…

Same here, revenue dropped by 90% and ePCM dropped by 93%. Apparently, this is not uncommon, and will probably resolve within a day or two…

Edit: I use the old Admob

Looks like everyone on the same boat, eCPM dropped around 90% too. Waiting it to resolve as soon as possible

Strange. For me no change. Since updating to new admob I have almost the same revenue every day even though I use mediation…

Gonna wait a few days, just like the same situation on Nov 4th. Anyway,using Old Admob, maybe new admob doesn’t affected at all.

Using new Admob and actually saw a 2% increase in RPM yesterday.

I’m seeing a drop on the last 3 days, of about 5% each day.

Edit: on new AdMob.

It’s normal now. Admob always delay update stats