Admob ecpm drop 95% to almost zero

In just a couple of days, both my admob ecpm and revenues drop more than 95% to almost zero. ecpm drops from $1.6 to $0.06, revenue drop from $30+ to $1.6 today!!

The impressions and fill rates are in the same range. Actually impressions went up a little bit. How can impressions not changed, but revenue drop more than 95%?

Tried to post message in Google AdMob Ads Developers’s group, but my post is not aproved. It’s shame of google & admob to not allow my post to be posted there.

No words from admob at all. They just don’t care about our developers at all.

If this continues, I am thinking of switching to the other Ad network providers. Any suggestions?


Read here: - last two days are so low because of a reporting problem confirmed by admob stuff.

It just went up to a more sane level for me. Still today and yesterday are 30% worse than any of the previous days (CTR suddenly 30% lower) but it’s not as drastic as was few hours ago (eCPM around 2 cents).

For me its better than last week by 3%

Its fixed for me now.

Yes, now both days are corrected.

Finally, Admob fixed that counting bug. But still no words from Admob regarding this issue at all. I am just wondering why Admob didn’t put a statement/warning in the page when you login your account. Google actually does do this if the download/install counting is not updated.