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Admob earnings and adsense earnings

I have got adsense as fallback option in admob but adsense earnings are not at all encouraging. Yesterday I got $0 as CPC, 313 page views, 28 clicks, $0.19 ecpm and $0.06 earnings

Where as for admob, 4000 impressions, 33 clicks, $0.32 ecpm and $1.31 earnings.

How would you optimize. Is there any option by which I can stop adsense ads in my admob ads. I think showing adsense ads is a waste of inventory and also crap for monetization point of view. What would be advise in this situation for me?

You may have to look into mediation. Admob only shows adsense when it has no admob ads to show, so turning off adsense is not going to up your inventory of regular admob ads, it just won’t show an ad at all. So you may need 3rd party ad companies. Admob has mediation built in, you’ll just have to still install the other companies api’s and an admob wrapper for each one.

Honestly I tried mediation the last two months and couldn’t get a higher ecpm than admob. Though, my normal ecpm with admob is around $.90 so it may work for you.

I have tried admob mediation in the past using adfonic, tapjoy and stuff but

  1. first setting it up for my 50+ apps is pain
  2. and then managing them (seeing which works and which not)
  3. and then not all networks have inventory for traffic around the world and would display there self promotion banners.

I think I will do justice to myself and users by not showing ads than show ads which earn me near to nothing. Is there option to disable adsense as fallback? I couldn’t find it in the admob console. I am using SMART_BANNER for admob, is it because of that adsense shows poor earnings as I had read somewhere that adsense pays best with 300x250 and leaderboard

I am trying to get more traffic from US, Canada, Europe but as of now my major traffic is from India.

Turn off India and some other countries that you dont want, then your app will be shown in other countries…

Smart banner has no effect on adsense ads. To turn adsense (edit) off go to manage settings on the app. Then click app settings, then under “Other Google ads” check do not use keyword targetted ads. A note here I found while looking for this, is that google uses your app description to get the keywords they use for adsense ads.

You mean to say I should try different formats than SMART_BANNER to get any substantial earnings in adsense. Has anybody tried adSize different than SMART_BANNER for admob? Mind sharing revenue numbers?

No, thats not what I’m saying at all. I just said smart banners don’t make any difference to your adsense backfill. I was talking about how to tur adsense off.

I use smart banners too, for me they give the best ecpm.

I was still using adsense as backfill but today I have disabled for all apps. The reason is following stats in my adsense account which could easily get me banned.

Page views: 208
Clicks: 36
CPC: $0.05

Its strange that no one else has seen this issue.