admob earning in local currency - **** my life


So with upgrading to new admob my earnings changed from dollars to paypal to bank in local currency (shekels).
Dollars was perfect since I’m outside my country most of time, is there anyway around this? In the end I convert these shekels to dollars and its just ****ed up.

Do you have any ideas or suggestions?


I don’t think there is any way to change it. Changing currency in adMob was never possible. :frowning:

have you checked your account settings? (the geared wheel in the upper right corner)…there you can choose the currency to use

I don’t think that field is editable… Although it’s worth to check - maybe they allow one change.

It’s not possible cause admob is using your account country for any payment - no way around that.

There are lot’s of people (including me) who donÄt like that … spain is currently taxing your bank account balance … so I would be much more comfortable to have the money outside and tax it only regulary (in foreign curr. you only have to do that once a year over here) … so I hate the new system concerning that issue but I also understand, that google will not mess around with tax institutions at all … so there is no way around it.

We are all just slaves of our country … I am currently thinking about going to africa or something like that, just because they don’t treat you as a fat cash cow

(and you are actually making real money with your apps):

Go and found a company in another country, open up a google account with that and handle everything over that company … be sure to comply your tax rules and you’re fine.