Admob: Distance between ads and buttons + ads location


I have 2 questions, I hope someone can answer them:

1. Ads location:
I would want to know if it is possible to put admob in an app like this.
The navigation buttons to use the app would be at the bottom, near the ads.

The ads should be on the top of the app, or they are OK the this position? (I can see lots of apps using admob like this, but i am not sure if they can be banned for doing that):

Is it a problem to use Admob at apps like wallpapers of images? I mean this because I see that their policies tell that it is not possible to use admob in apps with little content or not relevant for users…
But I see thousands of apps like this using Admob. This kind of apps are OK to use with Admob?

Thank you!!

you should not do something like this:

User has to press a button in your app
User gets habituated to tapping on the location of button
you replace button with admob banner (or it appears because of logical error) and user taps on the banner

Hi javaexp.

Thank you for your reply! :wink:

Ok, I know that we cant show a banner suddenly when the user is interacting with thew app.

But I dont want to do that, I want to mantain all the buttons and banners static (not banners that appears suddenly when the user is clicking the buttons).

My question is if it is possible to put ads below the buttons like the design I have posted.

Or the ads should be at the top the the app? (not near the buttons).

Which is the recommended distance to put between ads and buttons?

According to design which you had shown ads should be top, If you keep the ads near to buttons, your application will be having more accidental ads click(all app do this because they want more click and more money, at some day when admob analysis those clicks they will ban the app eventually) , and your current ads placement is not complain with admob policy.

I am having, like, 15-20dp away from the buttons, is it still not safe?

Admob suggests itself placing the ad where there is low probability of accidental clicks.

However, with some designs you may not have a choice to put ad close to a button - for example if the buttons are all over the screen. In such cases, usually you should make a good effort to keep button as far away from the admob banner ad as possible.

Although you are correct there are many (not mainstream) apps which have buttons very close to banner ads - and there ARE apps which have banners almost overlapping the buttons - which are grounds for banning - however many of these apps have been this way for a long time.

But as a careful developer - where the cost of banning is high i.e. very difficult to make another Google Developer account - it would be best to err on the safe side and put ads at the top. Or if you are desperate then to have a large area between the buttons and the ad banner.

The only problem with your design is that it looks extremely suspicious with those 4 buttons right next to the admob banner ad - so if your app ever comes to the attention of someone at Google it could get banned.

So just for your peace of mind you may choose to avoid such risk factors.

You could also consider not showing banner ads and just showing interstitial ads - if you really don’t want to show banner ads at the top.

EDIT: One thing you could consider - if you are adamant to show banner ads at the bottom - is to publish that way and then closely monitor the CTR on Admob Developer Console to make sure the CTR is not going much above 1.5% or something like that. Because if accidental clicks are huge then CTR will start to become high - and that could get your app noticed by the Admob folks.

Another thing you could try is putting the Buttons at the top perhaps ?

if you want to keep it as is - do NOT use admob, use some other ads networks banners or make this a button " free apps" that opens appnext full page for example

with new admob SDK I would consider this safe because you have to click the ads twice now to open up the ad page

With new admob SDK also it is not same because all ads are not double click ads even I am getting single click ads with new SDK.

Thank you a lot for all the answers!!

I see that most of you recommend me to put the ads on the top ;-(
Is it possible to make money with ads so far apart from the buttons?

The problem is that most apps I can see (80% of them or more) are using the ads near the banners, as the design I have posted… And they are not being banned from Admob or Google Play.

Thank you adforandroidapps for all your advices.
Is it possible to put the ads at the top and then use interstitial ads (full screen ads) sometimes?

I am not sure when is it possible to use those full screen ads.
Is it possible to use them when exiting the app?
Or is it possible to use them when the user is interacting with the app (lots of possible accidental clicks)

Thank you!!

You can use AppBrain interstitial-on-exit. Or Admob fullscreen ad show at the end on exit - but make sure you already have an ad available i.e. you pre-fetch it and then check before you display - this is to prevent ads appearing much after your app has exited - which is a no-no by new Google standards.

And you can show interstitial ads while your app is in use - it is up to you to decide where to show the full screen ad and where it will bother the users the least.

Try not to show more than one interstitial ad every 3 minutes or so - i.e. whatever schedule you use it should typically not be more frequent than that or you will get complaints from your users.

You can show an intersitial on entry - though there the problem usually is that the ad may not have been fetched for immediate display.

Usually people show the ad at natural pause points in a game or for a tools app you could do it after a certain number of presses of some button. Or if they look at help and come back to the app then you show that etc. Or if they go into Settings or something then you show after that.

That is up to you to decide what would be best way to ensure that an interstitial is shown at least once for every user who uses your app - statistically speaking.

Thank you adforandroidapps! All your advices are great :wink:

In the app I want to develop, the user will press some buttons repeatedly, so I am not sure if showing an intersticial ads here could be a problem (maybe accidental clicks, because a user will be pressing a button repeatedly and suddenly it will show an intersticial ad). Is it a problem with admob?

Is it possible to make money with ads so far apart from the buttons?

On the other hand:
The app I want to create is very simple and it has no options, it will show wallpaper images (to use as a background for example).

Is a problem using admob in an app like this? (simple app)

Thank you a lot!!

Can anyone tell me anything about this please?

Thank you!!

Don’t see any problem with using admob in a wallpaper app - unless the wallpaper images are copyrighted etc.

For repeatedly pressing buttons, as in selecting from wallpaper image choices - maybe you could show an interstitial after the 5th image or something - or whenever you determine that the admob interstitial is available for instant display (i.e. it has been cached). You could also show the admob interstitial when user is exiting the app - assuming you have it already cached - in which case you would be able to show it immediately. Otherwise don’t bother trying to show the interstitial - because you don’t want user to wait for your ad when they exit. You could also show a dialog box asking if user wants to see more apps - similar to what AppBrain interstitial-at-exit shows.

I don’t have experience with wallpaper apps - so I don’t know what the profitability would be with showing ads - and whether one should be aggressive in showing ads or not - since with wallpaper apps you may only have one opportunity to show an ad i.e. only when user uses settings or your app to choose between wallpapers etc. Others here maybe better able to comment on that.

Thank you for your answer!!

But if the user will be repeatedly pressing buttons (each time the user presses the button, it will show another wallpaper for example), If I show an interstitial suddenly, I suppose that it will have lots of accidental clicks in it, because the user will continue pressing buttons whe the interstitial appears.

Is that a problem with Admob? I suppose that it is not very “legal”…
But maybe it is something normal and it is very used on apps.

Thank you!

I don’t know - that might be possible. Though practically I would guess that it might become a problem for Admob only if your CTR is abnormally high.

Generally interstitial ads have higher CTR than banner ads (which are shown a LOT of times and only get a few clicks). However if your CTR for interstitials is much much higher than expect - lets say much higher than 1.8% CTR (maybe others can post a typical CTR for Admob interstitials that they see) - so if you have CTR like 2x or 4x of this then maybe that could become a problem i.e. be flagged by Admob automatic filters for such stuff etc. …