ADMob delayed payment again?

I use PayPal as payment method for the ADMob, every month they pay me at 12th day.
But this month, they delayed it, like march. No payment yet.
I’m the only one?

I have the exact problem but not with PayPal but with Wire transfer, its 14th here and still no money in my bank account.

I use wire…I have never received payment before 14th…It always comes on 14th or 15…

Yes, you must wait for 2 week from receive the notify email, it’s about 19th June

Yeah @hackformore is right. Because the 1st days of the month were on a weekend they sent the e-mail late.
This pushes the payment date a few days later.

I just received my wire payment 20 min ago :slight_smile:

Anyone here who didn’t get paid?

Sorry forgot to say, got paid yesterday. Paypal.

got mine last night

I didn’t get paid…:frowning: Wire transfer…
How long do you think I should wait b4 submitting a ticket?

I got paid by wire on Friday

got paid just now…

don’t worry, just keep your patience!