Admob delay

I have a question for you guys
Do you know what’s is the delay of Admob stats?

i want to make simple calculation. It’s 20 o’clock in Poland so it’s 10 o’clock Pacific time + delay.
So it means that if somebody clicks the ad in Poland at 9am tomorrow(30th) it will be still counted to 29th am I write?

Also they say that there’s a delay in stats refreshing so I wonder if any of you estimated that delay.

My stats update hourly or so, and yes, the stats are recorded in PST timezone. So if you are in Europe, in the morning, you will still see previous day stats.

but it means when it updates its recent values?

I thought it’s something like:
16:30: DING update - data for 15:00
17:30: DING update - data for 16:00

Not exactly like that but somewhat yeah. I refresh admob dashboard once every 20-30 minutes and my estimated revenues goes up every refresh.

yes but I wonder if this is what I see is the most recent data.
For example I click ad in app and then spam F5 on admob site.
Will my click be counted when page refreshes?

Can someone explain me why Admob was showing around $2300 earnings and now they sent me $1200 and deducted the whole $2000? my earnings for March are $1,969.34 and this is what site says "
Payment for $1,204.12 by Wire on 2014-05-01, complete"

And $2000 were deducted from my earnings.

What the hell? has this happened to anyone else?

You wil get remaining $2000 next month. Admob shows total revenue on the dashboard.

Admob pays you for the previous month. So stay calm. your money never goes anywhere when you opted admob. cheers …

Are you sure? I no longer see my money in missing $800 in estimated earnings… and the $2000 were earned in one month, but I just got payment for $1200 only…

I lost 50$ :frowning: anyone else?