admob deducted 35% of my payment but invalid traffic show only 1%

hello guys i noticed today that admob deducted from my account around 35% of my account , the estimated earning show 1032$ should i receive but i was shocked that they produced payment only for 737$ , i tried to check the invalid traffic and it shows only 5$ deducted , so what is the problem ?
btw i my account is new and its still not verified , is verifying account connected with my problem ? and anyone faced like this issue before ?
thx in advace

Did you earn $737 in a separate month to the rest of the revenue?

my payment now on hold , and in payments list it is show me only that they will pay me 737$ for February but the rest of the money i don’t know where did they gone
what do you mean by your question ?

Yeah put the payment on hold, don’t receive the money and try to contact them.

can u be more clear, i told you that , there is 295$ missing from the payments and its not even mentioned in invalid traffic
in the invalid traffic shows that only 5$ deducted

if on the reports for last month you earned 1032$, invalid traffic is 5$ and payable earning is 737, then just write them an email. They will answer you fast, mostly within a day and you will know what is wrong