AdMob Ctr 2.7%, is it normal or high?

I was just checking some data on my AdMob account and I see that the
average ctr for the previous month was 2.72%, I am wondering and worrying
is this normal or is considered to be high? I don’t want to risk raising a red-flag
or worse, being banned by AdMob because of my ctr. My apps are not spammy
at all or showing ads in places where users could click accidentally.
Near search boxes/buttons or android control buttons ( home, back buttons).

However I have updated most of my apps, so that I can control ad positioning
within the app, from an external source, meaning if this ctr is worrying I will
place the ad at the bottom and top combined. Now the ad shows only on top
section of the app.

I know there are many people here with much more experience than me
I hope someone of you could take a minute and share their knowledge
with me.

Thank you in advance.

Are you talking banners or Interstitials?

thus he talks about positioning i would say he is talking about banners.

I also experienced some higher ctr some days - seems normal and legit there were just some nice ads around which got clicked more often.

You have to consider, that admob knows the average CTR of each ad, so they may check your ctr in a more sophisticated manner against the average CTR of the displayed ad (pretty sure that’s what they do in some automatic manner)

If you are sure you are not getting false hits, you did nothing wrong and they should not harm you.

I am talking about Banners yes. And as regards to the positioning, I asked on the admob official forum and they told me
the way I had positioned the ads was just fine. They are not close to any clickable area (button, searchbox etc) so I guess
it would not be a problem.

2.7% CTR is it high or normal for you guys?

Just pulling CTR from some of my top apps: 1.8% , 0.93%, 1.24%, 1.68%

This is with 60 second refresh rate with averages from past 7 days. 2.7% is higher than any of my apps get, so I would say it is higher than normal.

Its by no means impossible though and I’m guessing you just have a great overall experience for ads in the app.
Just continue to monitor things and double check that nothing is out of place :slight_smile:

I currently have around 1.5% … it’s higher than usual atm for me. I have to admit that I do a lot of manual updating between game screens - not sure if this helps or hinders CTR … with the admob sdk update I was getting rid of a lot of optimizations from the past 2 years (they may no lonker work either)

Thank you guys. I have another developer account with a separate admob account and I have similiar ctr to what you guys have.
So definitely 2.7% is a high ctr, and as I said I am not interested in having their attention.