AdMob CPC fluctuating highly - 0,78% ctr with interstitals

I just integrated admob to my app and i saw that no one is clicking on my ads. The ad is shown 1-2 times per session, and i have interstitials only.
Here you can see how low my ctr is:
Screenshot by Lightshot
In contrast, here is RevMob ctr:
Screenshot by Lightshot
Thats the thing with the ctr. Also the cpc is fluctuating highly. Here is what i got yesterday:
Screenshot by Lightshot
and today:
Screenshot by Lightshot
so one click can either make 3ct or 15ct, i think that is everything else than constant. I choose to integrate admob, because i thaught they have good cpc, but they can have very bad cpc
and hyper low ctr also. The main point is the low ctr, how can i improove it, because in revmob i had most likely 50%. Here i have like 0,78%.

Thanks if someone could clear my mind a bit up^^

it is normal that you have low ctr in admob because their ads have specific area to click unlike revmob …

With such a low number of impressions, its normal to get low CTR. You need at least few thousand impressions to know whats your real CTR. Normal CTR should be between 1,5 - 5%, depending on many factors. Your CTR of 50% with RevMob is riddiculous, you’ll get banned before the first payout.

Also, click cost depends on:

  • location of the user who clicked the ad (clicks from china can generate 0 revenue, those from Zimbabwe might generate $0,01 and those from US might even generate $1)
  • how much the advertiser paid the ad network to serve their ads

Nope, I already got paid two times (60$) so 120$ and without getting banned. And for what should I? I have no control how often users click on ads, so its not my fault.

Oh, thx for the post btw, i switched to avocarrot, they pay really well^^