Admob CPC 0.06 too low

Have any of you observed too low cpc in admob after 3st dec 2017.
Its 0.06 for me.

same here, last month, my cpc is 0.10 but now is 0.05


Usually CPC and CPM rates start to drop at the beginning of the new year. December is one of the most profitable months, while January usually affects revenues negatively.
Is that a general revenue decrease, or the rates came down in some specific countries? I may assume that some demand that was earlier connected to your app is switched off now.

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Yes. Its is understood that CPC is low in the beginning of the quarter.
But it was never as low as 0.05.

Minimum average CPC i have ever seen with admob is 0.07

It is 0.05 for me today.
Whats happening with other networks?

January income is half of December…

This is not an unusual trend and nothing to worry about. In case you are trying to diversify your portfolio, you could consider partnering with some other ad networks. It also depends on which countries you are operating in. Tappxwas recently ranked the highest score for company transparency, which has been a big industry hot-topic. You can see if are a good match for you.

If you are a beginner developer that begins monetizing with ads in January, your app risks losing 81% in higher ad revenue simply due to a month delay. Timing is everything.
It’s best to begin monetizing in October so your app gains from the eCPM increase leading up to Christmas time.
Take a look at this banner eCPM graph obtained from Appodeal stats:


With a good planning, everything is possible!

thats really strange i was having ios application and i was getting from it a good revenue about 220$ per day but admob deleted my account
after that i opened this month a new admob account but revenue was very awful about 50$ per day with the same users and everything same
can you explain to me more about this ?
thx in advance

Any details about why your account was deleted?

Historically, the months leading up to Christmas time are when publishers can earn the most ad revenue. That’s the time when brands invest heavily in ads to get in front of consumers in time for the holiday shopping season. But after the Christmas peak, eCPMs tend to drop significantly in Q1 across all ad formats. That’s why January is not such a good month. Advertisers simply don’t spend as much compared to holiday dates.

According to the stats from Appodeal dashboard, some ad formats like rewarded videos and static intersitials recovere to their high eCPM levels by March. But formats like banners and video interstitials, however, only see their eCPMs peaked during the holiday period.

Hope this helps!