Admob check payment - $26 provision on $300 check!

As you probably know, Google removed Paypal as an payment option and only option in some countries (including mine) is check.

Check is horrible.

First you have to go to your bank, sign some papers, wait (up to month or more, they send the check to some kind of review) and pay a provision twice (your bank and their bank).

The provision at my bank is 2% of the check value.

My question is does anyone know how much is the provision at their bank?

For a check of $297,97 I got $271,97, so the provision is $26.

Is this a fixed amount or do they charge as a percentage of the check value (would be around 9%)?

Anyone can share their experiences with checks?

Don´t you have the option of using Western Union?

No, only check. :frowning:

No one here is paid via check? Really?

I was once paid by Amazon that way. Fortunately it was a low amount and I just threw the cheque away after consulting Amazon - they promised to pay me that amount by wire next month (but I’m not sure they did, their reports are kinda unclear) - because there was no easy (and cost-free) way to redeem it in my country.