AdMob banners alternative ?

Hello everyone
for obvious reasons I will not be using AdMob (they suspended my account which had 6.5K $)
however I will be using App walls and interstitial as main monetize source but I think I can still have some banners
So what do you recommend as an alternative for Admob ,
The most important thing that the network would have a “Good” fill rate for non US users (manly Africa and Asia )
Any suggestions are welcome …

Why they suspended your account , i am just curious?
Any legit reason?
BTW currently on admob ecpm dropped by 50%.

For me between 25 and 40%. It was expected to happen after Christmas.

Check my posts to get the full story ,
So any one get any recommendations ?
Which is the most performing Banner ad performing network out there … ?

Well i’d say that atleast in the past it was adMob. But you should check out MobClix, MobFox, inMobi, Millennial, LeadBolt. I have no experience with any one of them but im looking at changing from adMob to something new.


I don’t recommend to you MobClix. They have serous issues with paying. They offering net-90 terms. But currently I’m still waiting for the payment for june, and for the later months. So if you want your money earned, not use them.
Mobfox is good for European traffic. They offer about twice as much ECPM as admob.
Millennial is a great company, they offer very good fill rates usually. 2-3x more than admob. But the fill rate is about 60-70%. With admob mediation, it’s very good to use.

I don’t know if I helped, but if somebody is thinking about switching ad network, maybe it can be helpful.

Thanks for the data. I tried implementing millennial in one of my apps but ko ads where showing, neither banner or interstials. Even in their sample app the ads wouldnt show up. I might give it a try again.

I ditched Mobclix, because one day I would have 100k impressions and some $$$ earned on a network… and a few weeks later, it would be zero impressions and zero $$$. They allow the networks to go back and edit the figures.

Of course, the average person cannot catch them at this… unless you have a massive multiplayer game and know the exact number of people playing and therefore ads shown all the time! When I complained about this, I did not get a response, so I took my game elsewhere.

Sorry, I have to fix myself. In the last couple of days I tried something with the ad network mediation, and Millennial Media’s fill rate is’t 60-70%. They have more than 90% fill rate in America. So that company is good for america. But the fill rate is very low for the other continents. And the ECPM is good not the fill rate. So sorry for that.

depending on the app you have take a look at RevMod not great but was hoovering about 50 % when i was using them . another option is Startapp - less intrusive then banners they pay per install and you can use them with banners and everything - StartApp - Developer Register

stop your fckng startapp spam in every thread…

So, anyone can advise on what to use for banners? I’m not interested in this case in other ad forms (the particular game in which I want to change ads is designed to show banners and nothing else). InMobi, Millenial Media, others, maybe even Leadbolt (although when I tested them they had low CTR and poor eCPM)? How are they coping these days? How high or low is the eCPM? Anyone using anything apart from admob?

Try Millenial Media. I get very good result for me.

I have been using Applovin for couple of weeks now and numbers are good ,
Waiting for the first payment though …

Would you please show some more details from that result?
To compare it to Admob some numbers would be nice :wink:

I use AppBrain (banner +interstitial) and in 2 days, I made more than twice the money I did with admob in 7 days… And I was using mediation with a ratio of 80% admod, 20% appbrain. But it is still pocket change as I’m just starting in Android App Development.

So, I’m too looking to other alternatives to admob.

I’m testing Millenial Media now, I will let you all know how it compares. I have it in admob mediation but turned off until enough users update to the latest version (I worry that the additional permissions may slow down update rate though).

Yeah, it’s annoying that Millennial requires WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE even if you’re not using Video ads. I got some bad reviews when I added them because of the new permission. Although that’s nothing compared to when I tried their video ads. They paid well, but my users were NOT happy.

I’ll just add exporting game progress to SDCard if they start complaining so I can explain it other way than ads. :slight_smile:

Lol… Don’t add the WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission… I believe their SDK still works fine.