Admob Ban After Payout

Hey guys,

just received my payment notification for september. I´m looking to re-invest the money, but got one question left: In case you get banned from admob after receiving the payment notification, will the payment be processed though? I´m asking since I´m looking to re-invest right now, but not as long as I´m not sure I´ll receive the money.

All people I’ve read about were banned from adMob during the processing, never after it, so you should be safe for this month. But I have a rule - I don’t have the money, until they are on my bank account. It’s safer that way.

What are the banned reasons?

I am not banned actually, but as for admob- you just never know. And my question was if I take risks when reinvesting the money that I did not yet receive, but for which I received the payment notification (there is a gap of ~ 2 weeks between those two).

Admob banned my account once. I still got my previous earning after that ban so I can say your money is safe.

Also Maybe can not get. The payment email send , not mean the payment has done. If you account banned, and the payment is still in process, they will cancel it and you will not get the money.

The payment notification only means the payment is in process, not send out the payment. If you are banned only a few days after receiving the payment notification, You may cannot get the money .

I got same problems, my admob account banned but i dont receive my payment in next month (clicks and ỉmpressions invalid ).

Thanks for that feedback guys. I will wait for the payment to show up at paypal before reinvesting.