Admob Backfill with House Ads

Is it right, that this is not possible with regular admob integration?

Sometimes I just get no ads, because of no inventory available - I would prefer to display a house ad instead of … “nothing” … anyone did that already?

It must be some network error right? I mean house ads should fill when you have no inventory?

Funny you ask this question; one of the tips from the ad-mob newsletter this month is how to show a custom image when you cannot get an ad:


Problem is, I have IAB_BANNER on tablets - where ad inventory is nearly nothing :slight_smile: It would be nice to get backfilled by a house ad - not sure if that is possible, I can’t remember such an option at admob.
Also I do not want to display a custom image, I want to get backfilled by my houseads.

everything is ok with the network so far, I just have no idea how I could define a housead for backfilling ONLY :slight_smile: (in mopub that is possible)

not sure, may it is possible with admob mediation but actually I didn’t want to implement that at the moment …

Ad mobs lets you backfill only with house ads. Just turn on house ads for the app and set the amount to unfilled inventory only.

For the tablet size banner, I’m not sure about that, have you tried with smartbanner ?

smartbanner is just very narrow … didnt like it on my purpose … it uses less space than the normal IAB banners so far.

the IAB_MRECT is well backfilled with adsense - better than nothing :slight_smile: the IAB_BANNER is very rare to get filled - at least today.

Good to know, that I can backfill with houseads will try that :slight_smile:
there is no option for “unfilled inventory” … i just remember - admob has removed that feature from newer accounts - no idea why, but it is only available for older accounts than mine. Seems that it was suspended … for whatever reason.

I have no option for backfilling, but I remember, that kreci suggested that also and many people did not have that option in admob. sadly.

I didn’t know it was no longer an option. In my account, I can set the amount of house ads from “unfilled inventory only”, up to 100% of ad requests.

The problem of creating a house ad for tablet size… maybe you can make a text ad that will work with the tablet size?
Found a discussion that kind of explains what is going on here: Redirecting to Google Groups

Seems they disabled them because of them using bandwidth, and also because the fill rates are now supposed to be nearly 100% with adsense. I know this isn’t the case for you with tablet size ads though.

They suggest implementing the onFailedToRecieveAd and showing your own image when you do not get ads. Then you can also make the image into you own custom house ad by the onClick method of the imageview.

that way i had to update the app, when using a different house ad … no option for me atm :wink:

i switched the IAB_BANNER with IAB_MRECT … should fit everywhere … … should … :slight_smile:

Not sure what your bandwidth cost is for your webserver. But you could set the app to download an image from your webserver to use for the house ad, it would be like getting an ad from admob, only your getting it from your own server. Depends on what the bandwidth would cost you. Also you would need to download the link for the onclick for when you change the house ad. Then you could just change the image and the “link” on your webserver whenever you need to change house ads.

i have nearly unlimited traffic … :slight_smile: but it would mean to give me work … it’s not that I am bored and running in circles with a drum all the day, you know? :wink: (sometimes I do … xD)

I just connect one of my apps to my website so every player gets informed about new posts to that specific game blog - which come in very handy … not sure if ppl will like it, let’s see

My website is some sort of system by its own, so it would be really a good idea to build my own house ad network out of it … hmmm … that would solve a lot of problems actually … :slight_smile:

I know what you mean, valuable time could be spent on the next app. But if ad-mob didn’t give me backfill with house ads, I would do it also.

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