Admob back button policy


Admob banned my app because i have ad when user want to exit app with back button intetstitial app.
What is the right use of interstitial ads

Yes, it’s clearly stated in AdMob policy that you can’t do that.
I suggest you have a look at their policy page, it’s quite detailed on what you can’t do (for example also can’t use Interstitials on app start)

I think overriding back button is allowed.

This way full ad will appear before going to home screen and thats allowed totally.
I am doing that since ages.

If full ad is appearing after app is quitted, thats matter of concern and may be stopped by admob.

It is not allowed. Some time ago admob chaned their policy and now ads on start and ads on exit are not allowed.

Admob added new images to their policy on app enter ads…