AdMob apps now at the fingertips of AdWords advertisers

Google today announced that AdWords advertisers will be able to run campaigns in the AdMob network of more than 300,000 mobile apps — a move that could turn out to be lucrative for both mobile app publishers and Google.
Google says AdWords has 1 million advertisers. Whether this will turn into good news for app publishers will have to wait and see but for sure this is a good step in the right direction on monetizing android apps. Here is the article
So, what do you guys think about this?

If it will lead to higher CPC -> I will like it xD

But to be honest, adwords/adsense is a mighty ad network which does mainly rely on tracking users to deliver ads which will fit for the user (which is a good thing) - if they can use the same concept on mobile ads it would be very good for publishers

I wonder if this is related with how admob reports behave since yesterday - previously I had to wait a day to get full data about revenue, now it’s almost instantly there (maybe admob has much higher fillrate now? beacause the delay was probably because of adsense). Still, eCPM seems to be the same.

as far as I can tell, you get the clicks tru admob directly but everything adsense related comes the next day - i cannot tell you if that changed, because it seems I only get non-adsense ads at the moment.

But i DO got something at the usual time - so concern that it seems to be as usual

This sounds like good news for app developers. There was an article on TechCrunch recently about the state of mobile advertising. Basically it seems advertisers aren’t really taking up mobile advertising as much as we’d like.

Looks like Google is really pushing to get advertisers on the platform now, which can only be a good thing for developers. More inventory, greater fill rate, more RPM.

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This sounds like good news for app developers.