Admob app Ban, after google play app removal...How to avoid it?

I am on google play marketing for almost 1,5 years and I have always used admob.
I have got many apps banned, many accounts banned, but my admob account is always working, and they always pay.

2 months ago I started receiving messages from admob disabling ads from my old banned apps, and that I needed to check my apps and disable ads in “non-complaint apps”(If an app is banned in google play, then it is not complaint for admob).
I received other 5-6 emails for ad disabling for other ads, then I understood how to disable ads from the apps, I disabled all ads from all banned apps.

2 weeks ago I got another app banned but I haven’t disabled ads because I was still getting about 15-20€/day from admob…Today I received another email from admob disabling ads from that app too.
I don’t wanna lose my admob account since it is doing very well for me.

Is this happening to you too?..Do you think disabling ads as soon as an app get banned is enough to keep the account alive?

There is no option to delete apps in admob console. U can only archive the adunits. Archiving the ad unit will stop serving ads for that ad unit. Even if u have archived all ad units for an app, u will still get those emails when admob wants to completely stop dealing with that package name. Am I right?
BTW currently admob is not banning accounts associated with banned accounts.

Hey guys, any advice on verifying my 2nd admob account ;).
Do we’ve hacks here? @javaexp I’m counting on you dude.

use different bank account for getting payment from admob. IP address etc u need to take care also.

I was asking more on the lines of Address verification

I had about 50 apps on admob, but received only 5-6 emails from admob, after that I archived the ads from all the other banned apps, and they sent only another email, for all the other apps I didn’t received email (maybe because I have archived them).

I don’t know if I should keep the ads alive if an app gets banned or no, because if it is the same then it is better to keep it alive since it makes some money, if not it is better to archive ads to have more chance to get the big payment.

In their emails they said to check the other apps are complaint or not. (here english translation to what they sent me in italian:

Dear publisher,
We hereby inform you that the email one of its applications is not currently meet the requirements of the program and therefore AdMob ad serving has been disabled in its application.

Issue ID No .: xxxxx

The ad serving has been disabled to: xxxxxx (com.xxxxxxx.xxxxxxx)

Required Action: Check all remaining applications are in for compliance.

Current status of the account: Active

Explanation of the violation

REMOVAL OF GOOGLE PLAY: AdMob publishers are not permitted to use misused or promote the illegal use of Google products like Google Play, YouTube or Blogger. For example, they can not evade, nor provide targeted solutions to circumvent the rules or terms of such products Google or other Google products (ie. Allowing users to download YouTube videos).

If your app is removed following the application of rules Google Play, Play Google contacts directly by clicking here. If Google Play restores the app, send an appeal to our team.

Action required: check account for compliance
Ad serving has been disabled for the application indicated above, however its AdMob account remains active. We suggest that you review the rest of its applications to ensure they comply with our policies and to monitor its applications to reduce the likelihood that in the future Google send email on the violation of the rules. Also, please note that our team reserves the right to disable the account at any time if you continue to check for violations.

If you want to appeal regarding disabling, please use the form for appeals.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Best regards,

The team at Google AdMob

My Advice is not to link your apps in admob, I DO NOT LINK MY APPS.

I don’t link them too, but they still get the package name, and ban them in admob after they get banned in gplay somehow. (2 months ago This happened the first time in 2 years )

Your wrote:

I disabled all ads from all banned apps.

And then:

2 weeks ago I got another app banned but I haven’t disabled ads because I was still getting about 15-20€/day from admob…Today I received another email from admob disabling ads from that app too.

Did you still have some enabled apps/ads in admob which were banned on google play?

If I were you, I would get the money from the account in every payment cycle(same story here) and keep the ads enabled. If admob bans your account, you loses the money for max one payment-cycle, if you disable all of your ads, you lose 100% of your future income.

You said you got more than one google-play-account banned but your admob account is still alive. Do you use one admob-account for every new google-play-account? no wonder that your play accounts gets banned :smiley:


That was the last banned one active.

I have only 1 personal Admob account and many developer accounts with apps using the same admob account.
By the way I get every month the payment, but since the app are not 100% legal, I don’t think that what I am doing will last forever, and losing 1 month of payment is still a lot. (and I am planning to scale everything)

I am getting about 6€ RPM with admob… and 0.50$ with mobilecore(I will try other networks too)…So maybe it is better to keep risking every month :smiley:

Hi Ganjaapps

I don’t think Google will ban ur apps. Because many people will decompile apps and forget to change the admob ad unit id which will bring traffic to u from their account as well. If google starts to ban because admob traffic is coming from two or more play accounts, many apps with huge apps are doomed because people will with bad intentions will decompile and use their adunit id In order to deliberately cause harm to these popular apps.