Hi everyone,

Newbie android developer over here.

I have used Admob and made about 500$ with it from putting ads on my apps.

My question regards the “local tax ID” field I need to fill in Admob’s payment details.

I’m from Israel, if that matters.

My question is do I have to fill it? Or I don’t need to fill it and Admob will transfer my money at the end of the month anyway?

Thanks a lot, this small thing has been bugging me for a long time.


I too have the same question :frowning:

fill it. For indian developers, fill your PAN number

If you are transferring the money to your personal account you don’t need to put a VAT ID because you don’t have one.

If you are transferring the money to your business account then talk to your accountant and ask him/her if you need a VAT ID for receiving money from Ireland.

This might help:

That only refers to new admob, for old admob it’s still Google USA I think…