Admob and startapp and Admob location ?

i was wounding if i can use admob as in app ads and then use startapp to pay for each instal but with no ads inside the app, is it against admob policy to use another ads service alongside with them ? also im really worried that admob will close my account as i have more than a website based on adsense and that would be a huge lose to me !

is this ad position against admob policy ?

No it isn’t against their policy. No ad networks have restrictions on other ad networks being used in conjunction with others.

thanks so much for your info, what about the position of my admob ? is it fine there ? im really worried !

oh it seems like i didnt understand ur reply im sorry, u said that the position of my ad is not against the policy, BUT i cant use more than 1 ad network in the same app, am i right ?

yes you can use more one ad-network in a single app…

I am using startapp+admob for 2 of my apps in play store…

Also I can’t find any problem with your ad-placement…

I re-iterate what @amalvj123 said.

Also, don’t go putting two sets of banner ads in the app if that’s what you have in mind. I think that’s against policy.

You can use more than one banner network together though through mediation, where you allocate different amounts of traffic to different networks. Admob provide a mediation platform, but there are others too like MoPub.

Are you sure, what makes you think so?
I never thought including additional ad networks and switching between banners using some internal app logic might be against admob policy. I also don’t see the reason why one would be forced to use mediation to be able to show banners from multiple networks. To me, it makes no sense. I thought there are many developers here including multiple ad SDKs and combining banners from multiple ad networks in their apps by themselves (without using any mediation). Am I missing something? What do others think?

What I mean is for example, displaying Admob banners on the top of the screen and then MillennialMedia banners on the bottom of the screen. I can’t remember where I saw the documentation about doing that (or if there actually is any), but I’ve seen people have issues from doing that. Would be really wasteful on screen estate anyway, not to mention just looking really spammy to users.

Oh, I see. I did not understand that from your previous post. You are absolutely correct about that, displaying multiple ads simultaneously on a single screen is not allowed. Only 1 banner may be visible at any time.

No i have no intention to put more than one banner in my app, i was asking about butting one banner for admob, and using startapp sdk that actually pay every download and does not have a banner inside the app itself, but thanks guys for your help :slight_smile: