Admob alternatives ? Tell me why please

Hi Everyone,

I just joined the forum, and I have to say there are a lot of info to digest (very helpful ! )

I am new to app business. For now, I released 2 apps on the google play, and I’m using Admob.

I’ve been reading a lot about Admob alternatives, but I can’t understand the use of them. Can someone explain me this ?

Thanks :wink:

There are a few reasons to use admob alternatives,

  • if your admob is suspended, the alternatives are still works
  • using ad format that is not available on admob, e.g. rewarded video, survey
  • higher ecpm in some cases
  • not putting all eggs in one basket
  • back fill

What did you want to know?

Thank you for your answer !
Can you use both admob and another monetization platform for the same app ?

Yes, you can.

You can use Admob in combination with the other Ad networks such as mobileCore, Appnext, AdtoApp, Appodeal,…etc. Dont put your revenue in Admob only because they can suspend your account anytime, and you will be disappointed. For me, I stopped using Admob. I feel relax and never worry about losing my revenue!

I’m using MobileCore with a goods revenues. It has weekly payments, then I get the money each Mondays. If you are interesed and need more information you can sign up with my refer.

Thanks for the answer ! are they all free like admob ?

Yes. Unless you want to advertise.

They are all free!

No comment. Admob is king :smiley: