AdMob: Ads turned off in your app - only it's not my app

This is absurd - I have just received information from adMob (the e-mail is from [email protected]) that ads have been turned off in my app because it was banned from Google Play - only the app they are refering to is not mine and I have no idea whose it is or what it is. The app name and id is: Ban trung eggshoot (ban.trung.eggshoot) which I have tracked to some banned account on AppAnnie: .

How could that happen? A mistake by adMob with sending e-mails? Anyone got a similar e-mail? It would be absurd to have my account in danger because adMob mixed up e-mail accounts…
I’ve written an explanation and am awaiting response right now.

Google Ban Bot had a party last night, and send wrong e-mail due to hangover ^^
And seriously, thats very strange. I did not get any email from them. Maybe these guys set your email on their account (so maybe its someone who knows you, and / or doesn’t like you).

Well, my message to them wasn’t read by a human - I’ve received almost immediately another mail by bot informing me that app was deleted. Insane. Even if that guy managed somehow to set my e-mail how is it posibble - to create second account on the same e-mail and without e-mail confirmation? I have two way verification so it’s not like someone could log onto my e-mail. Seems like a bot mistake, not anything someone has done.

Maybe someone using your ads id in their apps?

Probably just a bot mistake - I’ve managed to contact them through the contact form and they’ve apologised and assured me it won’t affect my account. So all should be good now. :slight_smile: