admob address verification.

my Admob was banned so i set up a new one using a friends info. its been almost 3 months and the address verification letter never arrived at my friends. he has an adesnse account that required the same activation, but he received the letter with that acc.

should i contact admob about this? or will it raise flags? the last time the letter was resent was jan 9th.

The service of Admob is so poor that I suggest you switch another network…

same here , but they said that it will reach me after 4 weeks but i am sure that i will not receive it , i read about this in help center that u can request the letter 1 time every 4 week and after the third one they will allow u to send a digital information by email in case if u didn’t receive any of the requested letters , so if u didn’t re request those letters then u have to do it now