Admob ad serving disabled to clone of my app

Someone pirated my app, but forgot to replace the hardcoded Admob adIds. Then he uploaded the app clone to Google Play.
Now that pirated app was removed, and Amob ad serving was disabled to it.
Because my ad ids were used in the clone, I got a policy violation notification from AdMob.

Does this count as a strike to my AdMob account?
What should I do?

Have you contacted admob?

@bgs - it is quite unbelievable that they sent you the notice , i am sure they have a system that can detect who used the ad ids first and then who used it later, it must have been the other way around, you can talk to google adwords about it …but yes any one clone and use other apps will not only get a warning but account closure soon after

Contact admob right away to let them know you know what’s up and curtail any other problems before it puts more blame where it doesn’t belong.