AdMob account got banned : copyrighted content. I need suggestions!


@NitroXenon - first you have to make sure that you do not get banned by playstore as well, now i must tell you that many ad networks these days do not allow apps banned by google play or admob as they might be doing something suspicious that can harm their network as well …

So getting banned by google from any of its network these days can be a real blow …

Lastly the app you have basically shows movies , now such apps are under scanner in a huge way globally as pirated stuff is being cracked down upon in a very big way, so you will have to find some new ways to monetize and i am sure you will find one but on google play store or any other reputed store it will be very difficult …


Startapp :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

There are plenty of good networks, best thing you could do is to just try them and see which one(s) work for you.
You may run into an issue over and over again due to your copyrighted material situation though.


Stay away from applovin, I’m writing a post right now about my experience with them.

Was your app ever published to the play store ?
What is your daily active users ?

Your best option after admob is facebook audience so you can at least get some revenue from your app while looking for better option.
Make sure to use something else along with facebook because of their 70-80% fill rate.
Facebook eventually will also block ads from your app.
Those are the best in terms of revenue.

Worst case is you follow footsteps of Showbox.

They are using inneractive exchange Inneractive: The Mobile Ad Exchange
I once tried to register with them but I haven’t heard from them as it is manual approval.

Best of luck!

There’s one solution only to guarantee you won’t keep having problems with other ad networks or the play store. STOP USING COPYRIGHTED MATERIAL. Have some respect for intellectual property. Why should anyone care to even guide you in a different direction? You need to stop stealing content that doesn’t legally belong to you. I’m an artist and when I have my stuff stolen, I view it as a crime. And I would go to bat for ANYONE who is in a similar boat. Rant over.

fùck that.