Admob Accidental Clicks// High CTR

I am developing andoids games for 3-4 months. I published a game booth google play and Amazon App store with using Admob one week ago.
My interstitial CTR is % 11. Some accidental click happens i think. (i know the problem i can fix it)

i have 2 questions and need your help pls:
1- is it too much? Can they ban me?
2- How Admob checks this accidental clicks. If they download game and do this manual ,What if i fix the game only at google play. And dont do anything to the game at Amazon market?

thank you

soory for bad english. it is not my native language.

A CTR of 11% isn’t that rare, but if you have any reason to think its that high from accidental clicks (don’t forget that Admob ads require 2 clicks and not 1 in most cases) then you should sort it out.

If Google think you’re scamming their system then obviously they could ban you, but they “could” ban you at any time for any number of reasons.
The best thing to do is to make sure that the CTR is legitimate and go from there.

Admob generally doesn’t track conversions (they do for some campaigns), so its usually all about the CTR. Only they know how they detect accidental/fraudulent interactions though.