Admob accidental clicks [ads suspended]

Got admob ads suspended for one of my apps today. Though it was the least revenue making.
Before that, i got a mail from admob stating that my admob implementation is leading to Accidental clicks in one of my apps and they named the app and package name too. Ads will be resumed once i will implement the ads in RIGHT way which i have explained below

I found out quickly that what’s the issue and will fix it within few hours.


  1. My current implementation [WRONG]:-
    Launch App from Home Screen–> Show App page → Load full ad within few seconds

  2. How it should be done [RIGHT]:-
    Launch App from Home Screen–> Load app screen/Logo for few seconds without app content → Load full ad → Load app content

Above example is present in admob FAQ along with others do’s/dont’s.

I know that 1st one is definitely leading to accidental clicks. Because the moment user wants to click on the app page, Full ad appears.

I want to know that how many of you have moved from 1st to 2nd method and how much revenue is compromised in 2nd method??

please share your views. Thanks.

The first method has been against AdMob policy for quite some time now.
The second method they just recently added to their policy as acceptable (I made a thread about it when they just introduced it 1 or 2 months ago).

So I think not many people moved from 1st method (which was against policy) to 2nd method. But maybe someone else will reply :slight_smile:
I introduced the 2nd method as soon as it become OK to use it. Before that I was using StartApp on app launch, they had a loading screen already. So in my case the format/revenue didn’t change other than better ecpm in AdMob.

Thanks for the quick reply.
Awaiting responses from you guys who have experienced the revenue difference between both the methods.

Since now there is no choice and unfortunately have to move to 2nd method. Still i am curious to know that how much it effects the revenue.

Honestly speaking, it will take some revenue off. How much? That is really answered with peacticle.
@tacchan23, please share the link of thread you are talking about.

What is your CTR using method 1?

Anyway, the problem isn’t ecpm drop, but the number of impressions dropped, i.e. if you load just 3 seconds (for my case, it don’t need to load previously) on loading screen, many admob requests are not filled & displayed. I had been considering showing the loading screen until an admob interstitial is shown, but this may compromise user experience.
@tacchan23 How you implement it? Display the loading screen for x seconds, or until an interstitial shown?

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I do not think that pre-cashing is available with admob if it is used solo without any other framework like appodeal etc.

Hence if there is no pre-cashing, definitelty there must not be any fixed x seconds of load screen. Target must be untill Interstitial is loaded,then show the ad and move to app content screen. Roughly Interstitial ad takes 3-5 seconds on fast data connection.

If Interstitial is not loaded during app load time because of any reason like failed request, no data connection etc, there should be max load screen timer of 5-6 seconds to handle lock situation.

Ofcourse, it will irritate the user to wait for 5-6 seconds to see the app content page. But this is how ADMOB has chosed to be.

Otherwise where to show full ads as per new policy in one page apps?

  • Can not show within app page.
  • Can not show on app exit.
  • Can not show on app lunch(without loading screen)
  • It should be either between the app pages or in the beginning of the app using load screen.

Considering that Interstitial ad is loaded always within 5 seconds using 2nd method, how much revenue loss might cause?


The revenue loss it might cause depends on how much the revenue is connected to accidental clicks.

That’s why the question of @shuiwo about your CTR is important. If the CTR of that specific interstitial is high, it might cause a high loss of revenue.

Impression CTR for suspended Interstitial ad unit is between 3% - 4%.

It reached till 5% in few days.

Whats the CTR for you guys when Interstitial ad is loading between load screen and app page content?

CTR in my case is 1,47% between content.

Sorry to ask. What do you mean by “between the content” here?

Is it between load screen and app page content?
within the app between app content pages?

Sorry, I miss understood your question. What I said is between app content pages, I don’t show ads on app launch.

I do something like this:

  • the progress dialog will be dismissed after 7 seconds or when an Interstitial ad is loaded or if the adlistener returns an error.

I use a FAN -> AdMob -> MobileCore waterfall.
MobileCore has very high fill rate and very fast loading (in my experience), so it’s good to have if the internet connection is slow.

This is the thread I posted when AdMob first changed their policy:

Depending on the kind of App, it may bother users for sure to wait a lot to get the Interstial ready to show.
But honestly, I still think (as a user) that I would prefer to wait 5 seconds on a loading screen instead of having the content available after 1 second and then have an Interstitial popup at the 5 seconds mark when I am about to actually use the App. (resulting in real misclicks which would annoy the user even more)

7 seconds is a lot, and I think waterfall like that need more time to load all ad networks, isn’t it? Or it was the same - request only admob vs request all 3 ad networks, for ad served rate? But I agree on mobileCore is really fast, because they cached their ads.
@gcc my CTR for admob is always less than 2%, for method 2 app launch & between app contents. If you don’t want to compromise the revenue, you can always use method 2 and randomly pop up mobileCore interstitial as in method 1, it was OK for CPI network.

Well it makes sence.
I will update the app and will share revenue differences…

Hope for the best. Cheers !!!

I think method 1 is acceptable as long as CTR is low enough to avoid Admob bots checking. This understanding is only valid if it is assumed that Admob starts looking into ads implementation when CTR is reasonaly high irrespective of method 1 or 2.

Any commentbon this?

I removed admob interstitials for my single page apps …using banners only…using heyzap with Facebook for exit ads…

FAN Interstitials have low Fill rate. Any backfull network for exit ads?

You can use Admob at app launch with no problem I made and appeal for Admob and they re-active my ads

Yes. Agreed with you.
App Launch in Admob = Launch App -> App Loading screen -> Interstitial ad -> App Content page

I was asking if there is any impact on revenue if Interstitual ad is moved from content page to app launch.

Thanks anyway.

Hayzap ads filling the remaining… Trust me I am getting more than $5 RPM from FAN and for heyzap its $1.5 now…