[Admob] About Request/Impressions ratio preloading interstitials

Hello everyone,
we’ve finished our first (& simple) game, but there is something that is giving us headaches. No matter what I do, if I preload admob interstitials, this is what happens with requests/impressions ratio.


Due to what kind of game is (endless runner, tap to jump…), we are preloading an ad before the main menu is launched, and attempting to show it when the user touches “start” (~50% fails showing here). Then if it was shown, an ad will be loaded when you die next time and will be shown when you restart the level after 2:30 min since last ad shown. If it was not shown, no new ad will be loaded, preloaded ad will be shown on restart the level… and a new one will be loaded when you die again… that’s the “loop”.

We tried to preload on other stages, show it on game over instead… no matter what we do, with preloading our request/impressions seems to be broken. So finally, and our big question here: Will that issue ruin our earnings? Should we fix it before we star promoting the game?

Thanks in advance, sorry for the text wall.

P.S. I’ve been looking for an answer here, but didn’t see any one for this specific question. I hope this is not a duplicated thread.
P.P.S. I know that ctr is dangerous… but I really don’t know why people is clicking so much!

Welcome to the forum.

  1. It is not an issue having high request/impression ratio.
  2. Your CTR is high, but your impressions are too low. So, your CTR cannot be used as benchmark as high or low yet.

Exactly what @shuiwo said. You’ll need a few thousand impressions before you can take away meaningful data. Until then, don’t worry.

I’m with both of them @shuiwo and @A1ka1inE . You can’t expect an accurate result without a sufficient sample set. Give it a fair chance before making a decision. You may have to risk a little more but at least you’ll KNOW because you gave it a decent amount of traffic to ensure true data.

Aside from that, Admob is tired and tested, they are the number one player in the space. The majority of people would agree with that.

the low impressions confuse you,don’t worry

Thanks everyone for your responses. We were a bit worried because this game was made with “learning purposes” before we release the “big” one, and we want to make it as good as possible.

We’ll try to to get more downloads and see what happens.