admob 10% fill rate

admob very fill rate as low as 10%.
Any way to increase that since i am loosing a lot of revenue…

Which Ad unit?

is it banner or interstitial?

I have noticed very weired thing. It might be wrong.
The thing is all my banner ad units created with legacy admob are doing good and standing with almost 99% fill rate daily.

But banner ad units created with new admob are as low as 10-15%.

All the ad units are created with default settings.

Can i use one banner ad unit in multiple apps??

You should probably let Admob support know about that!?

I have sent mail to them 2 times about this. But no reply.

Is there any better way to contact them and make sure that it is resolved?

Can i use one banner units across the apps? I mean the ine which are giving 100% filling rates?

that weird, my admob always 99% fill rate

Check the countries of your users…i have one app with those pathetic fill rates too and i discovered it is so because most of my users are from georgia (0% fill rates), iran (0%), iraq(10%), thailand (14%) and so on…months ago Admob had some inventory there too, but it seems that lately they decided to give up on many eastern countries.

Moreover, since i made so in my code that if an interstitial request has failed to load for any reason (using an event listener), then it ask for a new interstitial, the number of request that i send from each user from those countries is very high: admob doesn’t have inventory there, so everytime i ask it, my ad fails to load, but then, due to my code, i ask for a new one, thus entering an endless loop of unfilled requests.

Fill rates from “good” countries are still close to 100% but, both because many users are from those bad countries and because of my endlessly looping script, the overall fill rate for that app is at 10-40% depending on days.

hello. yes mine too, IST since yesterday early morning, very very less, almost just 1/4th than before. and if you notice its about interstitial.
interstitial rates gone down too much.
it shows me very less clicks, just 25% compared to previous days

I will share full info about traffic tomorrow. I have 70,000 requests daily for one of my admob banner ad unit. I am getting 7000 impressions on this. I am on it and shall share rest of info tomorrow.

you gotta use mediation if you’re having that many requests

The issue is only with ad units which are placed in landscape mode. Geo’s are almost same for other banner ad units also and they are doing pretty good.

Here is the quick analysis from my side. Please point me in the right direction.

  1. Admob banner ad units placed in landscape modes are common among low fill rates.
  2. Total traffic generated from landscape banner ad units on this Friday is Requests/Impressions :: 70,000/7,000. Giving me pathetic 10% fill rate.
  3. Geo’s for these Impressions are almost same compare to other Banner units placed in Portrait mode.
  4. Geo’s are ru,us,fr,br,es,it,tr,pl
  5. I am getting 10-15% fill rates daily for these ad units since i have published the app.
  • Please share the solution if similar issue is occured and resolved at your end.
  • Please share the Banner ad settings or xml ad unit snippet for landscape mode if any of you is using it.
  • What shall i do if this is permanent issue with Admob banner ads in landscape mode(10% fill rates) and nothing could be done.

Are you using smart banners? I don’t know if it makes any difference, but you could try them.

I am using Smart banner only. I do not find any issue in loadiing ads when i run it in my Device or simulator. No error logs in logcat as well.
Still issue persists. Following is the shitty banner ad layout i am using in xml layout. Is something wrong??
Same ad layout i use in portrait modes and it does well. Please save me.


It may be the nature of landscape banners, in that they are ugly. A small thin strip all the way across the screen. I never liked smart banners in landscape. Maybe try using a normal banner instead of smart banner, in landscape.

Same for me. I use smart banners only in “portrait” apps. So CTR for landscape “normal” banners remains the same.

@XdebugX @developer

Does it mean i shall use NORMAL banner in Place of SMART banners in case of landscape mode??

What shall i mention in following field to load banners as NORMAL in landscape mode??


Where can i see those stats? CTR and total impressions? My admob is much lower then usual.

That’s my input for xml admob ad.

            ads:adUnitId="[i]unitId[/i]" /&gt;