adfree monetization

Hi Guys

I wanted to ask for different types of monetization without using advertisements.

Thing is: I got some questions from users, if there are adfree versions available cause they want to buy it.

Problem is: I recently made no good experiences with paid apps and pirated copies … also I truly don’t want to maintain multiple versions of my games and also don’t like to have many different places to collect money.

Sure, I could integrate android licensing but then I could only deliver at android market.

For in-app purchases I also have to integrate the solution of every single store.

I would love to just integrate a paypal button but that is not allowed at the stores overall.

What do you think - what is currently a good way to publish adfree versions or gathering some income without advertisement?

For me ads work pretty well, but I simply want to satisfy the users also, so if they are willing to pay for an adfree version, I want to give them this chance

I’m sorry, but I can only think of one solution to solve all your problems at once, but it would tie a little bit with advertise.

You could use TapJoy’s virtual money to monetize virtual goods within your game. Users get virtual money by doing tasks that involve advertising, though.

You could even use a “Make banner ads go away” kind of virtual good, that might work!

I use TapJoy but in slightly different ways, if you do happen to try this, please share your results!

This way I could just implement a Paypal-Button … but as far as I know that is not allowed by market - or have they changed their ToS …?

Can you explain. Were your games pirated?

All over the “known” forums for pirated content … ppl get paid if someone downloads from their hoster … so that’s quite a business you have to be aware off :slight_smile:

Personally I can live with ppl who download pirated copies, but not with ppl who make money with my work

Most of the sites and hosters react really fast if you contact them and tell that it is pirated - but to be honest, I don’t have the time to play big mama and look for new pirated copies every day

I can recommend to try Swarm ( for in-game purchases.
Although I’m not using Swarm Virtual Store capability, I’m very happy with their online leaderboards and achievements.
Swarm SDK is extremely easy to integrate and it is lightweight and fast. And their support is excellent!

Swarm Virtual Store uses virtual currency which can be purchased with PayPal. They claim that this doesn’t violate Market rules…

from the market ToS:

… you must collect all fees for the full version of the Product through the Payment Processor on the Market.

It is not very detailled so there is room for interpretation … any google discussion about this subject out there?