ADDVERTIZE - 1-Click Android Monetization And App Protection Solution

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Addvertize is a brand-new mediation network and app protection service in one click. Mostly it is focused on smart trigger-based ad serving, which generates legit additional advertising revenue stream for Google Play or non-Google Play users, depending on your settings.

This is complex solution targeted mainly for Google Play app developers and publishers, but also for 3rd party appstore publishers, traffic brokerage professionals and other specialists from various mobile niches and verticals. The solution is quite unique in many ways and doesn’t have any alternatives on the market, and here is why:

One-click SDK integration

Since the solution utilizes a trigger-based ad serving, it doesn’t need a time-consuming painful integration. Couple of clicks, few minutes of waiting-and you are good to go.

100% APK protection

Lots of apps get hacked or injected with adware, malware, miners e.t.c., that’s why Addvertize developed some proprietary protection tools in their SDK. You can be sure that your app will be protected from major adware networks and projects. Meaning that only you will be getting the traffic,not them. The more hard-earned money from ads you will get - the better for everybody. And that is lots of lost traffic and money - [u]case studies[/u] show that 99.5% of dangerous apps are found outside Google Play. Those are your apps, but hacked and useless for you.

Protection from SDK removal

The other feature that guarantees you an increased ad income. No matter where your app ends up in the world wide web - you will be getting ad revenue from that. Just publish it, let it go and enjoy the profit. If your app is worth anything, it will be eventually distributed on various 3rd party channels and Google Play aggregators. This is especially important for paid apps, which tend to have [u]up to 90%[/u] illegal traffic from hacked and cracked APKs.

Trigger-based ad serving system

Addvertize utilizes a bunch of triggers that can cause an ad impression - an app launch, a returning user from “recent apps” tab, a hardware “back” button press, screen unlock or simply an impression on timer. All of those are highly customizable and can be combined and limited in any way, giving a perfect blend of non-irritating, yet profitable ad experience.

Additional monetization

Hence the name, Addvertize is focused on additional monetization, without breaking your existing ad model. That means that the integration and the set-up process should be as easier as possible for you. Just upload your APK, set up few things and that’s it!

Main monetization

Addvertize’ system is flexible enough to be your main advertising solution. They work with major and trusted ad networks like Startapp, Mobfox, inMobi and others, which means that those ads will be totally legit and Google Play compliant.

Different ads behavior for 3rd party users

This is a part of the smart ad serving mechanism - you can set the system to show ads for non-Google Play users only. Too many of ads for Google Play installs can affect your app rating and promotion strategy. But why not to monetize those additional non-GP installs safely? All you need is just one APK for all of those traffic sources.

Remote control over ads

One more part of the Addvertize’ smart system - no need to re-upload your APK in order to change ad serving pattern. All is controlled remotely. For example, investing thousands of dollars in live installs and skyrocketing your app in top of charts is a very important - and expensive - venture. You wouldn’t like those users to get bombarded with ads, right? But, having reached the top, why not to loose in the grip and turn on more ads, to compensate the expenses? With Addvertize this is manageable in one click.

Full Google Play compliance

Addvertize show only Google Play policy compliant ads from legit ad suppliers. You can be sure that you won’t have any issues with your Google Play account.

Referral system 5% and more

The solution might be very useful for lots of publishers and other mobile specialists. And since that community is small enough, it makes sense getting advertised by word-of-mouth. Addvertize offer a flexible referral system in return for that favor.

NET30, convenient payout systems

The project is offering NET30 payments, which is a standard for most of legit ad serving platforms. Also, a number of payout systems is available: Wire, PayPal, ePayments, Webmoney, other systems are negotiable. The minimum payout is $50.

Please sign up at or email support in case you have any questions.

Hi guys, small update: we divided installs tab into GP and Non-GP installs tabs. Those installs are identified automatically, so now you will be able to see this valuable data on your own, anytime :wink:

Appinventiv 2018 research. That means, that most likely your app will be hacked, which would lead to a severe traffic loss. We can stop it!



Did you know that almost 50% of revenue comes from 3rd party stores? And that is only official stores, without counting numerous torrents, portals and other sources. And also without counting your hacked apps and stolen traffic. Our solution can monetize all that additonal traffic without having any impact, if needed, on the main traffic driver - Google Play.

I want to monetize my apps with your ad network.Where I can contact with you?

The best way would be [email protected] or a contact form on the site. Then we can take it from there, depending on the question :wink:


Very nice CPM rates for my CIS countries traffic. Will check other geos too :slight_smile:

Thank you, doing our best :slight_smile: Still, we would like to notice that our main goal is not just having best CPM rates and performance, but generating additonal traffic flow that otherwise would have been stolen-and that is huge part of your traffic. Soon we will add some useful tools and also conduct some research about this issue.

Recently we added “hack installs” tab, which allows you to see if your app was actually attempted to be hacked, injected with adware/malware or modified in any way.

This is how it works: after any kind of modification your app with our SDK won’t launch. It will simply crash or minimize itself. This is what we call a hack install.

Normally if someone does some sort of injection-they check if app works fine. If it doesn’t,then no sense in sending traffic to such app. That’s why you are most likely to occasionally see only very few number of hack installs. However,if the app was not tested after the modification,then you will be lucky to see real number of installs that were sent to your app.

Some interesting case studies are to arrive soon!

Nice article from

“My app is too small, no one is going to attack me” - that’s what most of developers think. The problem is that it will be attacked, but not by hackers.

These days bots do reverse engineering and around 70% of total number of apps are already in at least one database.

The sad part here is that most of developers keep pretty private and sensible data inside their apps.

In short, check it out yourself, lots of interesting reading.


Why are we saying all this? Because our solution protects from such issues, too.

Just in one click.

Case Study #1

Category: Top 150 Utility Free App

Monetization Strategy: Non-Google Play Installs Only

This our first case study kindly provided by our new good partner, however without particular names, as desired.

As you can see on the screenshot, the main focus of the app monetization is on the 3rd party installs, as it is initially designed by the system. However, we should notice that it is easily possible to monetize Google Play installs as well with our solution.

The reporting shows that around 30% of the traffic is coming from 3rd party channels (not Google Play), which is pretty much. However, considering that the app belongs to “useful” utilities, this is understandable. Soon we will add some more detailed reporting for such kind of installs.

Hack installs tab: we can see here that there are occasional, but regular attempts to (probably) inject 3rd party ads or out of app ads SDK, but without any luck. This is also a typical picture for such app vertical. As you know, all app verticals are being hacked, however our own observations show that utility apps are more prone to be abused with 3rd party adware/malware modules. Simply because such kind of apps stay on users’ devices longer than, for example, casual games. It is important to highlight that those “1-2” hack installs do not mean 1-2 “stolen” installs. They mean, that, in case of success, there would be significantly more hack installs, if some indecent individuals started sending large volumes of traffic to such a hacked app.

Also, you can see that the publisher has chosen rather aggressive ads behavior – around 5 or 6 impressions per active user daily. That makes sense for 3rd party traffic (for example, apk portals, Google Play aggregators and any other source which does not have an app rating). However, for more legitimate 3rd party stores like Amazon, GetJar and others we would advise you to use some more gentle approach in monetization.

That’s basically, it. We hope that you enjoyed the reading and that we made things loud and simple about how the system works. Please ping us if you have some questions about the material.

So you actually can protect my apps from adware injections like nativica, tapcore and a bunch of others?

That’s correct. After the integration of our SDK (which is, technically, an injection too - for the sake of your comfort), anyone will have hard time adding 3rd party out of app ads, miners, trojans etc, modifying your app, removing our SDK or anything like that. However, please keep in mind that legit services like won’t work either, so you should use them before integrating our SDK.

Our app protection solution is something that our team has been working on for a really long time, and we are much proud of it. Even if an app developer would manage to perform such kind of protection manually, it would’t be easy, and also some 3rd party very expensive solutions would be required. That’s why we built it in the form of “injection”, so that such level of protection would be available for anyone, for free.

Hey, check out our new app security project we are launchung soon

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