Adding translations to my apps

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I’m not sure I understood how google play works. I have an app that has description and listing in English. Now let’s say someone who speaks arabic views my app in the google play store, will the app be automatically translated using google translate to Arabic? Or will it appear in english anyways?

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It will appear in English with a button allowing user to translate from what I’ve gathered.

For example, if I look an app which has no french translation, it looks like that :

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So from what I understand it always shows the text in english? Zumzum can you translate whats written in french in the image you provided please

“Translate the description in french thanks to Google Translate ?”

Oh, I see, well I guess I won’t make manual translations any time soon.
Thank you guys, that’s what I wanted to know :slight_smile:

If you do go for manual translations, you will get more downloads because of proper text instead of messy. Also google doesn’t translate your in-app strings automatically.

A related question : does adding translations increase your Google play ranking for the countries associated with the languages added ? (even if this is gibberish ?)
And same question for the in-app strings.

Surely. From experience and also from experience of fellow forum members. the downloads jumped 2x - 3x times for certain cases as soon as just the google tranlated text was added in description

Ok that seemed logical, but what about the in-app strings ?

Wow, ok I didn’t see that one coming, 2x - 3x is pretty insane, I will add it now lol with google translate!
Do you have any pointers when using the google translate and adding it to the app store’s listing?

The most important translation is the app itself
Users love to read their applications in their language, I read many comment in various app saying “No translation” with a bad review

So if you go for an automatic Play Store translation of your application decription, follow this up by the translation of the application itself

I’ve read many times people advising not to use Google translate on your strings. Going against this advice I did it for Russian localisation to see if it increased the number of Russian downloads, and it seems it has. I’ve had no reviews or emails about poor translation so perhaps it’s not so bad. I’m using apps with poor English but it doesn’t bother me if the app does what it’s supposed to (looking at you Go Team).