Adding G+ button in app

Hey guys, need your opinion/experience please:

Is it possible to have a Google Plus button inside the app so if clicked by the user the G+ count will increase on the app page(on the Play Store) ?

If yes then what exactly needs to be done on this matter?

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

yes, you can use an api to make a +1 request from within the app. read here: for details.

but I wonder if with current plethora of “buy 1000 +1s” offers across the internet this makes any sense?

Thank you very much :slight_smile:

I know that you can get cheap google plus, ratings and reviews from fiverr, but pretty much all of those accounts are fake and I’m trying to play safe. And hoping that having the G+ button clicked more times from inside the app will help in rankings.

Just a warning though, that API is far from light weight and kind of a pain to use. At least that was my experience when I implemented that button.

@Skurry: did you ever get it working without the user needing to also do a Google+ sign in ? I gave up and removed the code after Google broke it and did not fix it in a subsequent release…

No. I thought that was a feature, not a bug. Kind of like you have to sign in to Facebook to like something. I think the whole API is not meant to do such a simple thing, and I’m wondering if it’s worth it to include the whole thing just to add a +1 button. FWIW, I haven’t really seen any benefit from it.

Well, it used to work. Then Google fubar’d it. Even existing apps stopped working. They said they were going to fix it and then did not (yet). Also, when you included Google Play Services, it had a name conflict with the Admob library… so you could not include both.

The new admob sdk is part of google play services now. So you can take out the old admob sdk and do these changes:

@XdebugX : unfortunately, MoPub does not yet talk to the new version of Admob…

Ah, I see. Have you tried Google Play Services for Froyo? I don’t think it includes the adMob SDK.

Yeah… that would work around the admob problem… but I have no idea how to download old versions of the sdk.

You can download Google play services for froyo with the SDK manager. It’s under Extras.

No more +1’s without signing in? Shucks.