Add a Customized, On-Top-Widget to your app [Beta][App][SDK][2.3+]

Mobario is a very cool and one-of-a-kind app! It allows Android users to multitask between apps without leaving the initial app the user was working on.

We recently launched our On-Top-Widget at Droidcon Paris, allowing developers to implement our SDK to enrich their users’ experience and enjoy new monetization channels. Since we’re still in beta, we’re working very closely with the dozens of developers that joined early, looking for bring more into our community. You can grab the SDK from our website or download the app from Google Play if you want to experience Mobario firsthand.

Benefits for your users:

  • Enhanced mobile experience to stay connected to social networks and content
  • A personalized media bar on top of any other app
  • Interact effortless with friends and content, at all times

Benefits for you:

  • Your apps featured as permanent icons on Mobario launcher
  • Affiliate web search through the Mobario search bar
  • Monetize with our Offer Wall or a 3rd party ad engine

Product video:

SDK: Mobario - The On-Top-Widget That Keeps You Always Active
Google Play:
Twitter: @mobario
Questions: [email protected]
Media Kit:

Anyone has tried their solution ?

I wanted to test it, but they need a lot of permissions, this might be scary for users, and for my taste this omnipresent icon is more annoying than push ads :expressionless:
This icon is “always on top” in every application, is this ok with new google policy?

I seriously doubt it. Contrary to what mobario representatives say their widget
does not seem to adhere to the new policy

I do not like the size of their SDK, 3.5 MB.

I don’t think its ok with the new policy, the widgets still appears even though i’ve pressed the home button and the app disappear => out of app.
There is also a kind EULA that is added with this,

It’s not compliant since its out of app. Simple as that.

There is issue with this SDK - it’s using some libs that are included in different SDKs, so you cant really combine them well :confused:

On top of that, they have been spamming the forums with new threads everyday. Can we please stop that and have one dedicated thread to discuss mobario.

Their rep keeps saying its perfectly OK with the new policy. I guess no one knows yet, Lets wait till 23rd september to figure out the truth

looks like you’re right…
i tried combine with starapp, the mobario is working, but i don’t know about the starapp

and when i combine with airpush, i got headache --"
alwaaaayysss like this, can’t even build the apps
[2013-09-03 22:17:07 - Dex Loader] Unable to execute dex: Multiple dex files define Lbiz/source_code/base64Coder/Base64Coder;
[2013-09-03 22:17:07 - Apps Name] Conversion to Dalvik format failed: Unable to execute dex: Multiple dex files define Lbiz/source_code/base64Coder/Base64Coder;

Yes, I have figured out that it’s not working with airpush and I have forwarded this issue to support. They are actively working on it! :slight_smile:

if i see and understand your quotes sooner…

I’ll let you guys know when it’s finished, along with some income reports…

yeah okay :slight_smile:

if i only use airpush interestial, it’s really low, only $2 per day :confused:
really need alternative

Hey UBJ3D,

We have a lot of apps using Mobario.
We keep getting very good feedback from them that I would like to share with you.
you are most welcome to check their apps on the Google Play:

Balde Serifo:
" As an indie developer Mobario has significantly increased user retention of all my apps ! Users are now staying longer because Mobario enables them to check their Social accounts, search and browse content, all without the need to exit my apps. Also, Mobario brought me higher conversion rates than their competitors. The developer dashboard is clean, easy to use and with nice stat display. I will definitely recommend Mobario to all my fellow indie devs." B4Apps

“We was able to install Mobario app on our device. I am really impressed by it. I have put 5 star and plus it. Currently, we use StartApp for monetizing but your approach is totally different, it give users much more value-added. I believe that your company will be very successful in future”

Aviad Hadida:
“I used in my apps in a lot of advertisers in order to earn some money for the effort i maid. I earned only a few bucks… and then i met Mobario
Their platform raise my earnings almost 2 times then i was earning with all the other platforms together and in addition their product gave me an added value to my apps, A cool unique and useful toolbar for my users. And all of this with a great supportive team that was available for me 24/7”

we have a lot more, PM me if I can assist you with.

all the best.

Hey Zbych,

Mobario creates a new media space that enables the user to stay connected to thei social networks and content on top of any app.
Lets say you play a Poker game and suddenly you get a Facebook message.
You have to leave your Poker game, go to Facebook app, comment or like, and go back you your Poker game.

Mobario Gives you the ability to do this without switching apps!!!, so you don’t have to leave your app to perform common actions.
this is real-multitasking.

The icon is ‘always on top’ so that in one small click you can open your content while using any other app.

The main differentiation of Mobario is that its not an ad network. we don’t push ads to the user, rather we present him new user experience,
we display favourite content - not ads, that the main reason that we follow the new Google policy

Please PM if I can assist you.


Hi Yannis,
We are following constantly after the changes in the Google Policy guidelines.

After reviewing the new policy together with our legal team, we are confident that Mobario’s solution is not in breach of the updated policies. The massive traction of app developers embracing the Mobario solution in the last days– supports our understanding.
While this is our professional assessment we encourage you to check the Google policy yourself. We believe that after reviewing it you will reach the same conclusion as we and thousands of app developers have.

I would like to point out that Mobario is not an ad network - that push ads.
We are developers and Android enthusiastic that so a major limitation in our daily usage. we always needed to juggle between apps in order to interact with our social networks. the Idea of Mobario was to improve the user experience by giving the user a real ability to interact with its content while doing any other action - without switching between Apps!!
Mobario is a content enablers that assists users.

Have you seen our Video? MOBARIO for Android Developers - YouTube

At least there should exist an option to disable this icon for selected applications - I don’t want to see this icon while making photo or watching movie.

Hey UBJ3D,

Mobario SDK is different from the usual ad networks SDK, mainly because Mobario doesn’t push ads - it is much more than that.
Our SDK includes various features and solutions such as Facebook, Twitter, News.
Mobario OnTopWidget holds capabilities of several standalone apps in one SDK. That is the reason that the SDK is large.

Although it is large after exporting the APK with proguard the size of the compressed JAR is only ¬0.580M,

This is a good Point.
You can always pause the OnTopWidget by dragging the Close Icon to the + Icon, that turns to a trash can.
So at any point of time you can stop it without any effort.